April 1, 2002 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

April 1, 20021:30 pm

Agenda Details


Agenda not yet available.

Minutes Details


Paula Kaufman, chair, Bob Burger, Marianna Choldin, Tina Chrzastowski, Bernice Harrington (for Cindy Kelly), Barb Henigman, Deloris Holiman, Janis Johnston, Barbara Jones, Kathleen Kluegel, Betsy Kruger, Nancy O’Brien, Diane Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Jane Somera, Paula Watson, Karen Wei, John Weible, Joyce Wright


  1. Stacks Transfer Moratorium – Kruger, BurgerSome faculty would like to revisit the issue of the moratorium on supersedes in two months once Voyager is operational for staff purposes.

    On a related note Bob Burger reminded the Division Coordinators that they had agreed to meet after March 31 to take stock of the first three months of selections for the Oak Street Facility.  In preparation for that meeting (scheduled for April 22 from 1:30-3:00) Bob asked that the Division Coordinators meet with their divisions to discuss their experience with selection so far and to come up with suggestions for how we should proceed from here.

  2. Access Task Force ReportThree groups were formed to look at different areas: tangible resources, electronic resources, and outreach.  Each group wrote a report and then the reports were compiled into one report.  The AULs will work as an implementation team.  The Division Coordinators are asked to take the report back to their divisions and discuss them.  The AULs want to know what the Divisions feel are the most important issues.  The report will be discussed again at the May 20 meeting.
  3. Announcements & UpdatesThere are many things happening in the Divisions right now.  There seems to be a lack of sufficient communication causing some distress to the staff.  Division Coordinators should emphasize that there is much information coming out; almost too much information.  It is incumbent on the unit heads to get that information digested and determine what is relevant to their unit and communicate that clearly to the staff in their units.

    There will be an overview session of Endeavor for the staff on April 16 and April 18 and a separate session called the staff-side searching so staff can see what their searching will look like on April 23 & 24.

    Barbara Jones handed out a guide that Alvan Bregman created that gives the guidelines they used to start their Oak Street selection.The AULs and Paula went to the University of Toronto to meet with counterparts.  They are organized similarly to UIUC and they face some of the same issues that we are.  Paula and Carole Moore (UT Chief Librarian) are discussing doing a professional development session next spring on internationalization of the curriculum and of research and what its implications mean for library collections and series.

    The Library and GSLIS have had a proposal funded by International Programs and Studies to bring a short-term faculty member from another country to come and spend time here.  Galina Kislovskaya from Moscow will be coming for eight weeks next fall.  She is a specialist in preservation/conservation and collection development.

    April 17 Alice Prochaska will be visiting UIUC for the first time as the new University Librarian at Yale.  Rare Books is planning a lunch for her.  If you’re interested in attending let Barbara Jones know.

    Out of the LASC report came the recommendation for a long-term strategic advisory committee for the Library.  The committee was appointed and met for the first time on March 29.  Issues to be discussed include our long-term commitment to print, the role of the library in undergraduate education especially in making undergraduates long-term library advocates, and how to provide service to patrons who don’t come to the Library, and other issues.

    Binding shipments returning during the gap will not get posted.  Serials have developed a form on which you can record your bound volumes and barcodes so you can enter them or Serials can enter them when Voyager is ready.  Barb Henigman will send this information out to LIBNews and will also put the information in the Voyager file on the G: drive.