Alma Fund Reports

The Alma Fund Reports provide both an overview of fund balances as well as a list of orders on each fund in the current fiscal year.

Fund report data is usually updated daily and is typically current as of 7:00 pm the previous day.

Note: Previous fiscal year fund reports can be found in G:\Collections Info\Alma Fund Reports. Please make a copy of the report you need and save it to your own machine to work with it. 

To access the Fund Reports:

  1. Log on to Alma. Note that you must have the Purchase Request Operator role to view the fund reports. All fund managers and the staff they designate to handle orders can have this role assigned.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, choose Analytics / My Analytics / Shared With Me.
    1. You may see multiple reports listed here. Look for the one named Fund Reports.
    2. Click View full report.
      • Note that you can also Pin the report to the previous Analytics screen by clicking the ellipses (…) and selecting “Pin to Analytics Menu”.
  3. A new tab will open with the Fund Reports Dashboard.

Fund Report Layout and Data:

The dashboard consists of 4 tabs: Title by Title List  |  Fund Balances |  Fund Balances Visualization  |  Invoice Lookup | ACS Title by Title List

Title by Title List

Fund Balances are also included at the top of the screen, with a list of Purchase Order Lines below it.


  • Limit by Fund Manager Name and/or Fund Code by specifying the option(s) here and clicking Apply.
  • Note that they can be chosen from the drop-down list OR typed in directly. Choosing just fund manager name will display all funds for that fund manager.
  • If only Fund Manager is specified, all funds for that fund manager will appear.
  • If resetting any of the filters in the same session, click Reset / Clear All first before applying the new filter.
  • Filters will carry across to the other tabs of the dashboard.

Fund Balances:

  • Available Balance: Allocation  minus  Expenditures  minus  Encumbrances
  • Cash Balance: Allocation  minus  Expenditures
  • Percent Year: What percent of the total fiscal year has already passed.
  • Percent Spent YTD: What percent of the fund has been spent year to date.
  • Fund Area Description: Type of fund (state, special, recurring, firm, central pool).
  • Grand Total: Note that when viewing multiple funds, with any central pool funds included, this may give a misleading number as money in the central pool is duplicated in the main ledger.

Title List:

Will display all PO lines in the current fiscal year for the selected fund(s). The PO lines typically correspond to a title, though there are also some “package” PO lines that pay for multiple titles which are not listed separately.

Columns included in the Title List:

  • Fund Name
  • Fund Code
  • Reporting Code: The type of material or service ordered.
    300 – Equipment 631 – Print Standing Order 656 – DVDs
    466 – Binding 632 – Print Mono Contin 657 – Games
    539 – Preservation 633 – Print Contin 658 – Streaming
    600 – Postage 641 – Print Periodicals 661 – Manuscript Materrials
    601 – Handling 642 – E Service Fee 662 – MARC records
    602 – Sales Tax 644 – E Books 671 – Print + Online
    603 – Late Fees 646 – E Journals 691 – Microforms
    604 – Library Loan Fees 647 – CD ROM Periodicals 692 – Microforms
    605 – Copyright Fees 648 – DB Subscription Cap 693 – Microforms
    606 – Membership Fees 649 – CD ROM Books 694 – Microforms
    609 – Fuel Surcharge 650 – CD ROM DBs 697 – CD
    611 – Print Monographs 651 – AV Firm Order 744 – E Books Non Cap
    617 – Back Issues 654 – Audio Cassettes 746 – E Journals Non Cap
    625 – Approval 655 – Videotapes 748 – DB Subscriptions Non Cap
  • PO Line Title
  • PO Line Number: The number associated with each individual title/item to uniquely identify that PO line.
  • PO Number: The number of the purchase order on which the PO line appears. There might be more than one PO line on a given purchase order.
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • Publisher
  • List Price: The price of the item ordered. In the rare cases where multiple funds pay for an item, the price reflects the total price of the item. PO lines in Alma can not have a $0 price as they did in Voyager, even if we do not want the fund encumbered for that order. In these cases, a price of $1.00 or less will appear.
  • Current Encumbrance: The amount for which this specific fund is currently encumbered for that PO line. Once the item has been paid, this will be $0.
  • Amount Paid Current FY: The amount paid by this fund for this PO line in the current fiscal year.
  • Receiving Date: For print materials, this is the date it was marked received in Alma. Note that because of the migration from Voyager, this field might be empty for some items even if they’ve been received. (Receipt info can be viewed in Alma in that instance.)
  • Status: Whether the PO line is ACTIVE, CLOSED, or CANCELLED. CLOSED status is assigned once the PO line has been paid.
  • Vendor Name: Name of the vendor from which the item was ordered.
  • PO Line Type: Whether the item is PRINT or ELECTRONIC as well as whether it is ONE TIME, SUBSCRIPTION, or STANDING ORDER. Note that this types are not always reliable for electronic resources, as some e-resources migrated as print from Voyager.
  • PO Line Creation Date: Date the PO line was created in Alma.

Fund Balance Visualization

High level visualization of fund balances

Invoice Lookup

Provides more specific information about an invoice payment for a PO line, such as invoice date, number, and notes.

ACS Title by Title List

Same as the Title by Title List, but includes some additional information, including last year’s invoice payments for recurring orders.

Exporting Data from Fund Reports

After choosing any of the filters which you wish to set, click the gear icon on the top, right hand corner of the page. Then choose Export to Excel / Export Current Page.

File will be exported to your default download folder from which you can open it in Excel.


Alma Fund Reports Overview training session – recorded January 14, 2021