Scholarly Communication and Publishing

Scholarly Communication and Publishing coordinates the library’s user-facing services and infrastructure associated with publishing, open access, copyright, research profiles, digital humanities, and digital repositories for scholarly publications (including IDEALS).

Service Mission

Scholarly Communication and Publishing develops innovative, sustainable structures for the development of digital scholarship and broad dissemination and enduring preservation of the scholarly conversation, towards the goal of ensuring that the benefits of scholarship accrue to everyone. We provide expertise on copyright, authors’ rights, digital humanities, online scholarly identities, and open access publishing to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois. We also collaborate with libraries, research centers and institutes, departments, and individual faculty and staff to lower the cost of producing, disseminating, and preserving high-quality educational and scholarly publications through optimized use of resources. We also work with other public institutions seeking to publish scholarly material or general-interest works that will benefit the people of Illinois and the world.

Unit Contact

Request a consultation or contact us via email: scpub@library.illinois.edu.