Mission and Vision


The Scholarly Commons is the destination for interdisciplinary, collaborative, digital and data-driven scholarship and teaching at Illinois.


The Scholarly Commons connects the Illinois community to a wide variety of experts and curates a suite of services, space, and technology in support of digital, data-driven and interdisciplinary forms of scholarly inquiry.

In support of our mission, we:

  • Collaborate and consult with campus partners and experts from the Library, including subject liaison librarians, who bring deep disciplinary expertise to co-learning the design and implementation of digital projects
  • Teach digital scholarship methods intended to empower and equip researchers to: make informed choices between methods; learn best practices; explore the application of technologies and experiment with support from experts
  • Build cross-disciplinary community around scholarly inquiry by hosting events, supporting instructors using digital methods, and providing other networking and learning opportunities
  • Provide technology-rich and flexible spaces where researchers can experiment with digital tools, collaborate, network, get help with their course projects and research, and present their work
  • In all of our services and spaces, we strive to be inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to all.