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Rosetta Stone Tutorial for Mobile Devices

Rosetta Stone Instructions

A Quick Guide to Using the Rosetta Stone Language Training App

Download the app on your mobile device. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the support page: http://support.rosettastone.com/en/k-12/Foundations-for-Higher-Education-TOTALe-PRO/Mobile-Apps/articles/INST- Rosetta-Course-Mobile-Application

Currently, the Language Training App is available on devices that meet these requirements:


Barnes & Noble


Google Play


iPad 2 and above iPad Mini

iPhone 4 and above iPod touch 5 and above


NOOK tablet

Kindle Fire

Operating System

iOS 6 or later

Android 2.2

Android 2.2


42.3 MB

16 MB

15.6 MB

16 MB

Internet Connection





Step One

Apple mobile devices

  1. Open the App Store on your device.

  2. Search for “Rosetta Stone Ltd”.

    Rosetta Stone Instructions

  3. Tap the “Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone” app icon.

  4. Tap the “Free” button to download the app.

Please Note that you will need to FIRST  log into Rosetta Stone via your web browser and THEN go to the app.

Android mobile devices

  1. Open Google Play on your Android device

  2. Search for “Learn Languages Rosetta Stone”

  3. Tap “Install” to download the app

  4. Tap “Accept” to complete the installation process

NOOK device

  1. Open the NOOK Store on your device.

  2. Search for “Rosetta Stone”.

  3. Locate the Learn Languages application and tap the “Free” button.

  4. Tap the “Confirm” button to confirm that you’d like to download the application.

Kindle Fire

  1. Open the Kindle App Store on your device

  2. Search for “Rosetta Stone”.

  3. Locate the Learn Languages application and tap the “Free” button.

  4. Tap the “Get App” button to confirm that you’d like to download the application

Step Two: Sign Into Rosetta Stone via the LibraryGateway

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, go to your web browser and search for the link: https://www-s.library.illinois.edu/rosetta/

  2. Sign in using your NetID and Active Directory password.

  3. Click on the “Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons Version 3” link and then the app will open.

Rosetta Stone Instructions

About the Mobile App

Can I  use the Mobile App Available activities?

You will have access to all the activities available in Language Training, with the exception of the Writing and Milestone activities.

Will my progress sync?

Yes! The time that you spend in the Learn Languages mobile application will be counted in your program usage report. The progress that you make in this app will sync with your online account, and vice versa.

For questions regarding technical assistance, such as error messages, please contact Rosetta Stone at instsupport@rosettastone.com or visit our 24/7 online support portal here.