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About Us

The Literatures and Languages Library is dedicated the study and teaching of the literatures and languages from Classical Antiquity to the present and covers North and South America, Western Europe, the British Commonwealth, and Franco- and Luso-phone Africa in English, Germanic and Romance languages as well as cinema studies, classical studies, comparative and world literature, translation studies and linguistics.  The Library acquires print and electronic materials in these disciplinary areas; offers reference assistance in person, via email, and through electronic chat; provides individual and group instruction; and engages in outreach to the local community. The unit serves as the primary library for the School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics; the Department of English; and Cinema Studies.

The Literatures and Languages Library is located in the Main Library in room 200, the Reading Room, which features 40 long tables for quiet study, and room 225, which features a handful of small tables for quiet study. The Library’s rich collections are located in several places: Core collections are housed in the Literatures and Languages Library. Room 200 holds modern literature, while 225 houses the Classics Library Collection. The bulk of the collections are in the Main Stacks. Heavily used reference works are in the Main Reference Reading Room in 200 Library. Older and lesser used reference works are in the Retrospective Reference collection on the fifth floor of the Main Stacks. Older and lesser used items are in the Oak Street Library Facility.

The physical library is complemented by a broad range of digital resources, including databases, reference works, e-books, and e-journals, available though Online Journals & Databases.

The windows in room 200, The Reading Room, and the windows in the grand staircase just outside of room 200 feature 27 tinted stain glass designs of Renaissance printers’ trademarks.