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Digital Humanities Resources

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities (DH) is defined as the application of computing processes and tools to humanities research.  One formal definition is:

The application of algorithmically facilitated search, retrieval, and critical processes that, originating in humanities-based work, have been demonstrated to have application far beyond. Associated with critical theory, this area is typified by interpretative studies that assist in our intellectual and aesthetic understanding of humanistic works” (A Companion to Digital Humanities, ed. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth. Oxford: Blackwell, 2004).

A wide range of humanities disciplines–from literary studies to history to classics to the performing arts–have found ways to incorporate computing tools and digitization processes into the study of humanistic texts and archival materials.  Below is an introductory list of digital humanities resources that should help you begin to explore the field of digital humanities.

For further research and reference help, please contact Harriett Green at green19[at]illinois.edu or visit the Scholarly Commons Digital Humanities Guide.

To learn more about DH research and activities happening at Illinois, join the DH @ Illinois listserv at https://lists.illinois.edu/lists/info/dhillinois.

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