Consultations are available for all stages of research and project planning, including:

  • Planning a multimedia production
  • Crafting a research strategy
  • Accessing,  manipulating, and visualizing data sets
  • Incorporating new and emerging technologies into research and teaching
  • If you’re not sure who to ask, submit a Get Help request

Grainger Engineering Library consultation services include:

  • Conducting research and navigating specialized STEM databases
  • Developing Data Management Plans
  • Locating, accessing, and training in using VR/AR and 3D Printing equipment and software
  • Integrating VR/AR and 3D Printing equipment and programs into your course or research content
  • Using high-end large scale displays for visualizations

Media Commons Consultations include:

  • Pre-production planning for media shoots
  • Hardware instruction for loanable technology (cameras, recorders, lights, etc.)
  • Media editing and post-production
  • Planning 3D and Virtual reality projects

Research and Information Services  Consultations include:

  • Conducting Research and accessing specialized databases
  • Planning Savvy Researcher workshops

Scholarly Commons Consultations include:

  • Statistical analysis
  • GIS
  • Data discovery and developing data management plans
  • Digitization and Digital Humanities
  • Requesting Savvy Researcher workshops