Find Undergraduate Library Services - University Library

The Undergraduate Library (UGL) closed on May 13th, 2022, but the services and space can be found across many of our other campus libraries.  This page is a guide to help you locate many of the key spaces, services, and collections of the UGL in their new homes.

Female undergraduate students take directions while looking at a campus map from COVID-19 Wellness Ambassadors in front of the English Building.

Study Space

Quiet and group study spaces can be found across campus libraries.  A new study space oriented around undergraduate student needs was created this summer in room 100 of the Main Library .  The Orange Room includes large collaborative study tables, bookable study rooms, printing, scanning, and smaller loanable technology like chargers and calculators.  In addition to the Orange Room, the Funk ACES Library expanded its study space capacity, and the Grainger Engineering Library and Information Center will be extending to 24/5 hours in the Fall semester.


The majority of the books, videos, and video games that were in the UGL are now located in the Main Stacks.  Some themed collections moved into other unit libraries on campus; for example, the cookbooks are now in the Funk ACES Library, and the board game collection is now in the Music and Performing Arts Library.  Search the library catalog to find the new home for your favorite books and videos.

Loanable Technology & the Media Commons 

The Media Commons merged with the Scholarly Commons in the Main Library. Loanable technology (cameras, microphones, lights, etc.) are now available for checkout on the 3rd floor, in room 306.  New media creation spaces, such as self-use audio booths and a film studio, are located in Rooms 306, 308, and 220. Additionally, the immersive studio for 3D/virtual reality content creation is now in the basement of the Grainger Engineering Library and Information Center.

Writers Workshop

The Writers Workshop is now available in room 100b of the Main Library, adjacent to the new study space in the Orange Room. Consultations, workshops, and other services continue to be available in their new space.