Hickox, John H., ed. United States Government Publications: a Monthly Catalog. Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press

Kanely, Edna A., compiler. Cumulative Index to Hickox’s Monthly Catalogue of United States Government Publications, 1885-1894. Arlington, VA: Carrollton Press, 1981.

Hickox published a monthly catalog arranged by year and then by author for the years 1885 to 1894. The Carrolton Press edition contains SuDoc call numbers for agency publications, but for access to the Serial Set documents must be looked up by congress, session and document type and number in the Tables,Greeley, or the CIS Serial Set Index. For subject access, there is a companion index which gives the author’s name for each reference as well as the year of publication in parentheses and the page number in Hickox where the reference may be found.

Sample Entry From Index:

Sample entry from index

Sample Entry From Hickox:

Sample entry from Hickox