Document Catalogue

Document Catalogue

Catalogue of the Public Documents of the (53rd-76th) Congress and of All Departments of the Government of the United States for the Period from March 4, 1893 to Dec. 31, 1940.Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents (biennial).

This is a 25 volume subject index covering the years 1893 to 1940, with each volume compiling approximately two years. It covers all government publications, including Congress, and also contains a list of government agencies and House and Senate Committees which were government authors during the period covered by each volume. It gives the volume and page number of each document, a description of the document, and information on the congress which published the document. Words inserted into the title by the indexer for clarity are enclosed in square brackets. If an exact date is given, it is the date the document was ordered printed. If a year only is given, it is the year of publication. Serial Set volume numbers are bolded at the end of each entry. This index also contains non-congressional documents which have SuDoc numbers rather than Serial Set information.

Sample Entry:

Indian Bureau
 Draft of bill [to indemnify] confederated bands of Ute Indians for lands of their reservation in Colorado [that have been included in Battlement Mesa forest reserve and White River Plateau timber land reserve]. Dec. 9, 1901. 4 pp. map (S.Doc. 34, 57th Cong. 1st sess. In v. 2; 4220.)

Indian deprediation claims.
GAMBLE, R.J. Report from Committee on Indian Depredations, amending S. 3544, to amend act for adjudication and payment of claims arising from Indian depredations. May 5, 1902. 5 pp. (S.rp. 1388, 57th Cong. 1st sess. In v. 7; 4262.)