Native American Resources


Tribal Governments

Tribal Government Listing

From State and local governments on the net: an alphabetical listing of tribal government web pages, organizations, and links.
Decennial Census: American Indian and Alaska Native
This is decennial census publications and accompanying links on tribal governments from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 census.



Agencies / Organizations

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

This link includes membership information, legislation, and live broadcasts of hearings.
American Indian/Alaska Native Center, US Department of Health and Human S ervices 
Publications, grants, programs, policy, and state and local contacts for Native Americans.


Resource Guides

Guide to Sources on Native Americans
From the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library, University of Illinois.  Provides searching tips, abstracts for useful guides, indexes, and directories, and statistical and online resources.
Digital Librarian – American Indian Studies
This is a variety of alphabetically arranged resources for and about Native Americans.
Virtual Shelflist: HE20.300:
This page is a list of electronic government documents from the Department of Human and Health Services, and contains information important to Native Americans.
Native American Studies Collections, UC Berkeley
This site offers links to electronic information maintained by the University of California at Berkeley.  Contained here are links to bibliographic directories, handbooks, law information, statistic and Census data, federal documents, Californian documents, and Internet resources.
Canadian Government Native/Aboriginal Affairs Web Sites
Purdue University offers information about Canada’s government and its many agencies dealing with Indian affairs, which reflects Canada’s historic and contemporary relationship with its indigenous inhabitants.




Government Funding for Tribal Libraries

Below are links to government funding sources for North American Indian tribal libraries.




American Indian and Alaska Native Programs

Includes information on American Indian and Alaska Native geography programs associated with the US Census Bureau. 
American Indian and Alaska Native Population Information
This census site offers information on projections, estimates, and characteristics by tribe and language.

History and Culture

Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

Contained here are a number of resources and information from exhibits, photos, documents, and a great list of recommended readings.
Navajo Code Talker Site:
This is a great website that offers in-depth information on the Navajo code talkers from World War II.  Historical information, code glossaries, medals, articles, photos, awards, and biographical information on the code talkers is listed here.
National Library of Medicine “If Only You Knew” Exhibit
This site from the National Library of Medicine features information, photos, links, and biographical information on the history of the health of Native Americans.



American Indian Law Review

American Indian Law Review from the University of Oklahoma
University of Colorado – Native American Treaties and Information
This is government information offered through the University of Colorado at Boulder’s website.  They offer some electronic versions of treaties, links to information and resources, and a list of print resources.  Many of these print resources can be found in the UIUC library system.
Kapplers Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties: I1.107:
Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties, compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler, is an historically significant, seven volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American Indian tribes.
American Indians: Legal and Regulatory Resources
The Purdue University Library has many publications containing laws and regulations relevant to American Indians. This guide will discuss federal laws, regulations, and court cases.

Miscellaneous Statistics and Topical Pages

Business: Survey of Business Owners
The US Census Bureau provides this economic and business information.
EPA American Indian Environmental Issues:
The American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO) coordinates the Agency-wide effort to strengthen public health and environmental protection in Indian Country, with a special emphasis on building Tribal capacity to administer their own environmental programs. AIEO oversees development and implementation of the Agency’s Indian Policy and strives to ensure that all EPA Headquarters and Regional Offices implement their parts of the Agency’s Indian Program in a manner consistent with Administration policy to work with Tribes on a government-to-government basis and EPA’s trust responsibility to protect Tribal health and environments.