Illinois Statistics by Subject


General Sources

County Data Book   2002

         Guide to Statistics in Illinois State Publications   1992



National Agricultural Statistics Service

Illinois Farm Report  2005-2013

Illinois Crop Progress and Condition  1980-2014

County Estimates: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat etc.  2005-2013

Quick Stats of Illinois Agriculture

Illinois Department of Agriculture

Foal Registrations, Illinois Conceived and Foaled Standardbreds  2009-2012

Illinois Fertilizer Monthly Tonnage Reports  2004-2012

Land Cover Information and Data  1991-2000

Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Illinois Economic Facts

University of Illinois

Farm Income



Department of Children and Family Services

Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act Information

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics  as of 2015

Department of Human Services

Report on Child Care  2008-2012


Crime and Courts

Illinois State Police

Crime in Illinois

Illinois Department of Corrections

Reports and Statistics

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts

Annual Report of the Illinois Courts  2002-2011



Illinois Board of Higher Education

Data Book on Illinois Higher Education  1998-2011

Report on Underrepresented Groups in Illinois Higher Education  1999-2013

State Board of Education

Data Analysis and Progress Reporting

School Report Card  1998-2013

Annual State Aid Entitlement Statistics, Illinois Public Schools  1978-1999

Supply and Demand for Education Staff  2001-2011

Annual Statistical Report  2004-2011



State Board of Elections

State Of Illinois official vote cast at the State Board of Election  1998-2013


Employment, Unemployment and Income

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Personal Income and Earning

Illinois Department of Employment Security

Illinois Labor Market Information 

Local Area Unemployment Statistics

Occupational Wage Information

Illinois Department of Labor

Progress of Women and Minorities in the Illinois Workforce  2014



Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program Results

Illinois Annual Air Quality Report  1997-2011

Annual Toxic Chemical Report  1996-2009

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program Annual Report  1998-2003

Non-hazardous Solid Waste Management and Landfill Capacity in Illinois  1994-2011

Response Action Program Annual Report  1999-2003

Site Remediation Program Annual Report  1999-2002

Illinois Water Quality Report  1996-2014


Health and Medicaid

State Board of Education

Immunization Status of School-Age Children in Illinois, by the School Year  1998-2013

Department of Human Services

Illinois Monthly Statistics  2008-2013

Department of Public Health

Health Statistics 

Illinois Quarterly AIDS/HIV Surveillance Report  2004-2013

Illinois Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (IBRFSS) Data  1998-2012

Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN): offers a data system containing 102 health indicators available at the county-level, and thirty-nine of these indicators are available at the community-level.

Illinois Arthritis Fact Sheets and Reports by county

Get the Lead Out: Illinois childhood lead poisoning surveillance report  1993-2011

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Illinois  1990-2009

Birth Defects and Other Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Illinois  2005-2009

Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries and Illness  1992-2011

Illinois Cancer Statistics  1986-2010

Illinois Department of Public Aid

Annual Report of the Medical Assistance Program  2003-2012


Insurance and Loans

Illinois Division of Financial & Professional Regulation

Department Annual Report  1997-2003


State Government and Realty

Department of Central Management Services

Flex Time Annual Report  2012, 2009, 2008

State Owned and Surplus Real Property


State Taxes and Finances

Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability

Preliminary Illinois Revenue and Budget  2001-2013

Wagering in Illinois  2000-2013

3-Year Budget Outlook

Economic and Fiscal Commission

Illinois’ Corporate Income Tax

Illinois Individual Income Tax

Illinois Comptroller

Detailed Reports of Revenues and Expenditures

Illinois Department of Revenue

Illinois Annual Report of Collections and Distributions  2008-2009

Illinois Tax Statistics  2000-2012

Sales Tax by Standard Industrial Classification



Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois Highway and Street Mileage Statistics  2013

Illinois Highway Statistics Sheet 2014

Illinois Travel Statistics  2005-2013

Illinois Vehicle Crash Facts and Statistics  1997-2013

Illinois Airport Inventory Report  2008-2012

Illinois State Police

View Traffic Data



Illinois Commerce Commission

Annual Report on Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewer Utilities  1997-2012

Annual Report on Telecommunications in Illinois  2001-2012

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Land and Water Reports  2005-2009

Illinois Gaming Board

Board Annual Report  1991-2012

Secretary of State

Illinois Public Library Statistics  1995-2006