State List: The Electronic Source of State Publications

This site provides links to state publication checklists and shipping lists that are currently available on the Internet from 37 states. If your state’s lists are available and are not currently listed here, please e-mail us. If you do not find what you need here, the Government Documents Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries also offers print versions of some state bibliographies for sale.

For further details on the StateList Project, please see the project description.



Alaska – monthly shipping lists from FY2006 to FY2014, list of annual reports by department, and list of periodicals (journals, magazines, newsletters, etc) held by state library in electronic format.

This page also includes instructions for searching the state library’s online catalog for access to current state documents.

Arizona -Links to Arizona Memory which includes agency annual reports, attorney general opinions, governor’s executive orders, reports received by the House of Representatives and Senate and more, and the library catalog.

California – annual and monthly lists of state publications are available from 2001 to the present.

Colorado – the most recent year of monthly state publications lists.

Florida – 1998-2012 annual cumulations and 2007-2013 quarterly lists.

Georgia – Georgia Doclist, the monthly bibliography of Georgia state documents is available from October 1995 – September 1999 in Georgia Government Publications, a searchable database of scanned images of public documents from various state agencies and departments. To locate the monthly bibliographies, search for “doclist.”

Idaho Checklist of Idaho Government Publications — information about obtaining this publication for the 1990s, plus a link to the state library’s online catalog to locate titles.

Illinois Illinois Documents List, monthly listing of Illinois government publications 2011-present, for earlier see Publications of the State of Illinois for 2008-2012.

Indiana – about the Indiana State Documents, plus annual Checklist of Indiana Documents for 1990 to 1995 and 2002 to the current year.

Iowa – State Documents Center, including Iowa Publications Online

Kentucky – Catalog of the State Library can be searched by specifying “state government publications” under location.

Louisiana -Louisiana Public Document Depository Program.

Michigan – monthly shipping lists from 2007-2013.

Minnesota Newly Acquired Minnesota State Government Reports the more complete lists of Minnesota documents (” Docs on Fiche“) from 1998 – 2003.

Mississippi – quarterly index of selected state government publications issued from 2010-2013. State Documents Online is an index by catalog

Missouri – monthly checklists from January 1997 – September 2005.

Montana – Identify most recent state publications by subject under the “Patrons” tab.  Download MARC records or set up an RSS feed to be notified of new publications, under the “Depository Librarians” tab.

Nebraska – current bimonthly checklist (“What’s Up Doc”).  The site also contains annual lists of state documents for 1995-2010.

Nevada – searchable database of Nevada state and local publications 1995 – 2003. For documents after 2003, search the catalog.

New Hampshire – current year’s monthly shipping lists, plus archived lists from 1996.

New Jersey – Shipping lists for the current and previous calendar years are available.

New Mexico – shipping lists starting in 2005.

New York – current cumulative Checklist of Official Publications of the State of New York. Includes monthly checklists from 1997-present, as well as annual cumulative editions from mid-1989 through the current year.

North Carolina – bi-monthly checklists from 1999 – present, plus current periodic paper and born digital shipping lists.

North Dakota most recent monthly shipping lists plus annual compilations from 2006 and quarterly compilations for the current year.

Ohio -annual cumulative lists for 2001 to the present and Periodicals list 2004-present

Oklahoma – searchable database of state government publication shipping lists from 2000 – present. Search by agency name or list number.

Oregon –  Archived shipping lists from October 1998-2006 and Oregon New Electronic Titles (OrNET).

Pennsylvania – compiled quarterly checklists of new monographs and serials from 1998 to the present.

Rhode Island – annual cumulations from 1996 to 2009

South Carolina – monthly state documents publication October 2014-present; also available are the checklists of state publications 1950-1988 and shipping lists 1999-2014

South Dakota – monthly checklists from June 1995 – present.

Tennessee – documents catalog.

Texas – annual indexes to Texas State Publications, 1994-2004. Includes indexes by subject and agency.

Utah – including a New Utah State Government Publications blog, and a Print List.

Virginia – a searchable Shipping List database.  Also includes a cumulative list of publications currently in print and available to the public.

Wisconsin – bimonthly shipping lists from current and past year, including electronic-only documents from the Wisconsin Digital Archive.



About StateList

State government publications have long served as a vital source of information for government information professionals, state government officials and employees, and citizens. Checklists serve as guides to the publishing activities of state governments and, as such, they are both a valuable reference tool — providing subject access to current government publications, and revealing the activities of various government agencies, and an indispensable acquisitions tool — providing the timely information necessary to identify and order state publications that are printed in small quantities.

State government bibliographies have a venerable heritage as a separate publishing endeavor, beginning with R. R. Bowker’s four volume set, entitled State Publications, 1899-1908. Adelaide Hasse’s Index of Economic Material in the Documents of the States of the United States, 1908-1919, continued the tradition, which was upheld in this century until recently by the Monthly Checklist of State Publications, 1910-1994, produced by the Library of Congress Exchange and Gift Division.

The discontinuation of this long-standing serial title, mainly due to production, distribution, and mailing costs, leaves a tremendous gap in access to state government information for both information professionals and users alike. For example, the 1993 listings included 21,375 monographs and periodical titles from the fifty states, territories and insular possessions of the U.S. Over the years coverage had been extended to include state blue books, legislative handbooks/guides, miscellaneous statistical sources, legislative journals, agency and subject reports, statistical abstracts, industrial/manufacturing directories, budget/financial documents, historic research guides, legislative research, telephone and education directories, and individual state checklists.

Although selective, specialized tools, such as the Statistical Reference Index (SRI) provide bibliographic access to a few of the major state reference sources, with the demise of the Monthly Checklist no comprehensive bibliography to publications of the fifty states now exists in either print or electronic format.

The StateList Project employs the World Wide Web to make the publishing activities of state governments known to a broad range of information professionals, Internet users, and library patrons, locally and globally. Our WWW site offers timely, centralized access to state checklists and/or shipping lists that are currently available on the Internet (a total of 32 states so far).

We are now in the midst of the next stage of our project: creating a test database that will allow us to determine the feasibility of developing an Internet-accessible database of all or most state checklists. The database will be searchable by keyword or by field (e.g. issuing agency, title, date, etc.)

This project, which grew from a proposal by Cheryl Rae Nyberg (formerly of the University of Illinois Law Library and now reference librarian at Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington), is a collaboration between librarians at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Colorado Law Library, and Kenyon College.

We will post further updates as progress is made. We welcome comments and suggestions.

Mary Mallory, Head, Documents Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rob Richards, Technical Services Librarian, Law Library, University of Colorado
Priscilla McIntosh