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Advertising 585 (Nelson)

Advertising Analysis Resources

Remember to bring your I-Card when requesting these resources!

1. Advertising Rates and Data:

(sources are located behind the Circulation Desk)

  • SRDS TV & Cable Advertising Source
    • Provides affiliations and coverage for: commercial stations, broadcast networks, multiple station owners, cable systems, interconnects, cable networks, sports networks, and syndicators.
    • (Does not include advertising rates.)
  • SRDS Radio Advertising Source
    • Provides: market profiles, AM/FM commercial stations, networks.
    • (Does not include advertising rates.)
  • SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source
    • Provides information on daily newspapers, newspaper groups, Black newspapers, college newspapers, and specialized newspapers. Lists detailed group and classified advertising rates as well as circulation figures.
  • SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source
    • Provides information on over 3,000 U.S. and international consumer magazines.  Lists detailed group and classified  advertising rates as well as circulation figures.
  • SRDS Out of Home Advertising Source
    • Includes coverage, circulation, rates, terms and conditions, and advertising rates for over 19 media categories including: airport, outdoor, stadium, transit, movie, and shopping malls.
  • SRDS Interactive Advertising Source
    • Lists Online advertising opportunities such as web sites. Get up-to date information on audience profiles, advertising rates, circulation/coverage, contact names and more.
  •  Marketer’s Guide to Media
    • Lists current rates and audience estimates for the major media. Includes broadcast and cable television, radio, out-of-home, magazines, newspapers, and online media.
    • (“Average” costs for television and radio advertising are provided.)


2. Consumer and Product Information:

  • SRDS Lifestyle Market Analyst (Located behind Circulation desk)
    • Breaks down the American population geographically and demographically and includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market.
  • New Strategist Books
    • (sources are located on the Adv. Bookcase)
    • The Communications Library has a collection of over 50 books focusing on specific demographic groups (ethnicity, age, gender) and their interests, income, spending patterns, education levels, etc.
      • American Attitudes, 5th ed.
      • Who’s Buying at Restaurants and Carry-Outs, 7th ed.
      • Who’s Buying Groceries, 7th ed.
  • Vital Statistics of the United States
    • Births, life expectancy, deaths, and selected health data.
  • ProQuest One Business
  • Advertising Age
    • Includes information specific to the advertising industry.
  • Wall Street Journal
    • Provides the most recent business news and information on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc.
  • Lexis/Nexis
    • Provides the most recent news stories (including business) and statistics on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc.

3. Websites


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