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ADV 483 (Clifton)

Audience Analysis Resources

Remember to bring your I-Card when requesting these resources!

Advertising Rates and Data:

SRDS TV & Cable Media (available online)

  • Provides affiliations and coverage for: commercial stations, broadcast networks, multiple station owners, cable systems, interconnects, cable networks, sports networks, and syndicators. Includes cost per point estimates.

SRDS Radio Media (available online)

  • Provides market profiles, AM/FM commercial stations, networks. Includes cost per point estimates.

SRDS Newspaper Media (available online)

  • Provides information on daily newspapers, newspaper groups, Black newspapers, college newspapers, and specialized newspapers. Lists detailed group and classified advertising rates as well as circulation figures.

SRDS Consumer Magazine Media (available online)

  • Provides information on over 3,000 U.S. and international consumer magazines.  Lists detailed group and classified  advertising rates as well as circulation figures.

SRDS Out of Home Media (Available Online)

  • Includes coverage, circulation, rates, terms and conditions, and advertising rates for over 19 media categories including: airport, outdoor, stadium, transit, movie, and shopping malls.

SRDS Digital Websites (Available Online)

  • Lists Online advertising opportunities such as web sites. Get up-to date information on audience profiles, advertising rates, circulation/coverage, contact names and more.

Marketer’s Guide to Media (338.47659105 MA)
Thumbnail Media Planner (302.230973 T42)

These sources list current rates and audience estimates for the major media. Includes broadcast and cable television, radio, out-of-home, magazines, newspapers, and online media.

(“Average” costs for television and radio advertising are provided.)


Demographic Information:

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst (Available Online)

  • Breaks down the American population geographically and demographically and includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market.

Vital Statistics of the United States

  • Births, life expectancy, deaths, and selected health data.

New Strategist Books (located on Advertising Book Case)

The Communications Library has a collection of over 50 books focusing on specific demographic groups (ethnicity, age, gender) and their interests, income, spending patterns, education levels, etc.

  • Best Customers (Chapter 15, “Restaurants and Carryouts”)
  • Who’s Buying at Restaurants and Carry-outs, 8th ed.



Company/Product Information:

(sources available via the Library website)

How to find company information

This link provides you with a list of resources through the Business Information Services Virtual Library that will help you locate company profiles and company information. You can also use their FAQ’s box to look for other business and product information resources.

Advertising Age

Includes information specific to the advertising industry.

Wall Street Journal

Provides the most recent business news and information on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc.

Nexis Uni

Provides the most recent news stories (including business) and statistics on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc

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