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Fund for Investigative Journalism Collection

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324.244  H918a
Americain au Front
Mark Hunter
Q.363.179  G135a
American Ground Zero
Carole Gallagher
954.9205  L626b
Bangladesh: the Unfinished Revolution
Lawrence Lifschultz
Breaking the Iron Bonds
Marjane Ambler
629.130915  J137c
China Clipper
Ronald W. Jackson
327.73  W332c
The CIA and the Cult of  Intelligence
Victor Marchetti &
John D. Marks
358.41  R36c
The C-5A Scandal
Berkeley Rice
363.192  W433c
Circle of Poison: Pesticides and People in a Hungary World
David Weir &
Mark Shapiro
959.95  B455d
Dead Season
Alan Berlow
959.95  B455d1998
Dead Season: A Story of Murder and Revenge
Alan Berlow
331.8  Un396h
Death and the Mines
Brit Hume
327.72073  B279d1983
Dollars and Dictators
Tom Barry, Beth Wood,
Deb Preusch
929.2  D92z
DuPont: Behind the Nylon Curtain
Gerard Colby Zilg
355.4  D56e
The Electronic Battlefield
Paul Dickson
200.92  C897a
Eros, Magic and the Murder of Professor Culianu
Ted Anton
200.92  C897a
Eros, Magic and the Murder of Professor Culianu (proof)
Ted Anton
324.2569408  K12f
The False Prophet
Robert I. Friedman
956.7043  C549f
The Fire this Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf
Ramsey Clark
361.152309794  K141f
Fires of the Dragon
David Kaplan
327.730728  F131f
Forging Peace: The Challenge of Central America
Richard Fagen
306.7098  P272i
In the Land of God and Man: Confronting our Sexual Culture
Silvana Paternostro
796.0973  M731i
Dan E. Moldea
070.1  P215i
Inventing Reality: The Politics of the Mass Media
Michael Parenti
070.43  D98i
The Investigative Journalist: Folk Heroes of a New Era
James H. Dygert
353.00819  D39k
Keeping America Uninformed
Donna Demac
346.73032  R183k
The Killing of Karen Silkwood
Richard Rashke
382.41  M82m1980
Merchant of Grain
Dan Morgan
331.82  Sco8m
Merchants of Death: The American Tobacco Industry
Larry C. White
306.85  c812m
The Mother Machine
Gena Coren
331.82  Sco8m
Muscle and Blood
Rachel Scott
070.5092  N459m
Thomas Maier
363.728  c246n
Nuclear Imperatives and Public Trust
Luther J. Carter
973.927  R228wh
On Bended Knee: The Press and the Regan Presidency
Mark Hertsgaard
986.10632  C235p
The Palace of Justice: A Colombian Tragedy
Ana Carrigan
338.1873  So45po
The Politics of Food
Joel Solkoff
338.47  M137p
The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
Alfred W. McCoy
973.9  B825p
The Power and the Glitter
Ronald Brownstein
363.620973  R835po
Power Struggle
Richard Rudolph &
Scott Ridley
330.972972 On2r
Rape of the American Virgins
Edward A. O’Neil
333.780973  F926r
Regreening the National Parks
Michael Frome
331.76  C769r
Rise Gonna Rise
Mimi Conway
333.7509811  R278m
The Road to Extrema
Bob Reiss
332.042  W171s
Secret Money
Ingo Walter
610.973 Se45
Seizing our Bodies
Claudia Dreifus
338.76134973 C172s
Lincoln Cuplan
363.450973 B327s
Smoke and Mirrors
Dan Baum
951.9042 Sn92s0
A Soldier’s Disgrace
Don J. Snyder
071.463 H253k
Andrew Kreig
333.79230973 R251s
The Sun Betrayed
Ray Reece
331.31 T21s
Sweatshops in the Sun
Ronald B. Taylor
Thy Will be Done
Gerard Colby &
Charlotte Dennett
363.7380973 Se78t
Toxic Nation
Fred Setterberg &
Lonny Shavelson
363.450973 R36t
Berkeley Rice
323.445 C15
Unamerican Activities: The Campaign Against the Underground Press
Geoffrey Rips
363.47 N664u
United States of America vs. Sex
Philip Nobile & Eric Nadler
070.449355 Sh23u
Jacqueline E. Sharkey
302.230973 L514u
Unreliable Sources
Martin A. Lee &
Norman Solomon
617.95 D754
We Have a Donor: The Bold New World of Organ Transplanting
Mark Dowie