Library Outstanding Award Winners - University Library

The University Library annually recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of Library employees in advancing the mission of the University Library and assisting faculty, staff, and students. Nominations can be submitted by peers or supervisors, and the winners are selected by the Awards and Recognition Committee. This page lists past winners of these awards.

Note: The year listed below refers to the academic year. So for example, “2020” comprises Aug 2020-May 2021.

Outstanding Public Engagement

2020: Mara Thacker, International & Area Studies Library

Outstanding Academic Professional

2021: Susan Braxton, Megean Osuchowski

2020: Jonathan Gorman

2019: Stephanie Baker

2018: Miriam Centeno

2017: Eric Kurt

2016: Jennifer Maddox Abbott

2015: Susan Schnuer

2014: Dennis Sears

2013: Joe Lenkhart


Outstanding Civil Service Staff Member

2021: Sarah Bial, Norris Purdy

2020: Kristen Blankenship, Joseph Hall-Ingram

2019: Faraba Parish, Lesli Lundquist

2018: Julie Bumpus, Aneitre Johnson

2017: Rand Hartsell, Jessica LeCrone

2016: Stuart Albert, Gregg Homerding

2015: Jan Adamcyzk, Lindy Wheatley

2014: Paul Kotheimer, Zoe Revell

2013: Wendy Gregory, Jody Waitzman

2012: Madeline Gibson, Peggy Glatthaar, Sandy Wolf


Outstanding Faculty Member

2014: Nancy O’Brien

2013: Mary Laskowski


Outstanding Graduate Assistant

2020: Kadet Alaks, Katherine Howell

2019: Michael Cummings, Joshua Hackel

2018: Sharon Han

2017: Cristina Kuhn

2016: Amber Ballinger

2014: Angie Stangl


Outstanding Undergraduate Student Employee

2020: Andrew Gentrup, Victor Oscilowicz

2019: Sammeer Jain, Jensen Rehn

2018: Aaron Deeke, Chloe’ Toussaint

2017: Diane Shepherd, Katrina Toman

2016: Alvaro Rodriguez, Brian Summers

2015: Hannah Jellen, Bethany Murphy

2014: Amber Ballinger, Al Merkley