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It is only in recent years that a retrospective national bibliography for Estonia has been published. In the past, Estonia's publications have been included in a variety of sources. Many years of control by the Swedish and Russian governments had placed the history of Estonian book publishing in the collections of foreign libraries. Thus, for the 19th century the publications of Estonia could be found in the Russian National Bibliography. For a thorough discussion of Estonia's bibliographic history up to the 20th century see I. Hamburg Eesti bibliograafia ajalugu 19 sajandi lopuni (Tallinn: "Valgus", 1986). After Estonia's independence in 1921 a new sense of national identity was born. One event that indicated the importance of this new found independence was the adoption of a depository law, requiring a copy of each published work in Estonia to be deposited in the archive, established in 1935.

In the 1940s the Soviets dominated the region and the record of Estonian book publishing reflects this. During the Soviet period, an Estonian version of Knizhnaia Letopis, entitled Raamatukroonika, was published in Tallinn. This work was subject to the Soviet censors. Therefore it is not truly comprehensive.

The 1990s have been a period of enormous change for the entire region and Estonia has been no exception. The creation of a history of Estonia's publishing record has become a focus for the national library. Beginning in the early 1990s a number of measures have been taken to create a new structure for the national bibliography. In 1995 a repository library was established. The Estonian National Library, Tallinn University and the Estonian Academy began the compilation and publication of a retrospective bibliography. This bibliography covers publications issued from 1525 to 1944. As early as 1978 the Estonian Academy library had begun to compile a retrospective catalog of Estonian books and periodicals.

The record of new publications is listed in a national bibliographic publication that succeeds the old Soviet period publication. Unlike its predecessor, the new series has a numbr of subseries which cover different formats of materials, i.e. maps, music, graphic publications and periodicals. For a detailed discussion of the history and development of Estonian bibliography from its beginnings to the present day see "Baltic National Bibliography" by Janice T. Pilch in Slavic and East European Information Resources (Vol. 2 (3/4), 2001:pp51-94).

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Eestikeelne raamat 1525-1850.

Ed. E. Annus. Tallinn: Eesti Akadeemiline Raamatukogu, 2000.
Not held at UIUC. List at Stanford, Berkeley, Library of Congress, Yale, Harvard, New York Public, University of Washington,University of Wisconsin and UCLA.

This latest volume in the retrospective bibliography project of the National Library includes the oldest of Estonia's publications. More than 1500 books are listed in this work which includes holdings for the libraries in Tallinn, Tartu, Helsinki, Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, Copenhagen, London, Cambridge, Riga, and St. Petersburg. The volume includes name, geographic and chronological indexes facilitate access to the entries.

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book coverEestikeelne raamat 1851-1900.

Ed. E. Annus. Tallinn: Eesti Akadeemiline Raamatukogo, 1995.
Not held at UIUC. Listed at University of Chicago, Arizona University, Stanford, Berkeley, Library of Congress, Yale, Harvard, New York Public Library , University of Oregon, University of Washington, UCLA

One of the early volumes in the retrospective national bibliography. The volume includes a name, geographic and chronological index to facilitate access. As with the later volume, it is a union catalog and includes holdings for titles held in Tallinn, Tartu, Helsinki, Stockholm, Uppsala, Copenhagen and other locations.

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Eestikeelne Raamat 1901-1917.

Ed. E. Annus. Tallinn: Eesti Akadeemiline Raamatukogu, 1993.
UIUC Call Number: Baltic Reference 015.4798 Ee792 v.1-2

These first volumes in the retrospective bibliographic series published jointly by the Archive Library of the Museum of Literature and the Library of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. The compilers have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible including books, brochures, sheet music, maps, periodicals, annuals, pamphlets and calendars.The bibliographic description is very thorough including all publication information. The author headings include brief biographies for all Estonian authors. Biographies for foreign authors include nationality, field of work, and Estonian language publications about them. This is a union catalog. Therefore the holding institutions are listed in each entry. The institutions consulted for holdings were the Archive Library of the Museum of Literature, the Estonian National Library, Library of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Tartu University Library, the Russian National Library and the Russian State Library. The contents of anthologies are provided. Entries for readers includes alphabetical list of authors. Lists of composers can be found in the entries for music books. Pseudonyms are included when possible. Contemporary reviews are also listed in the entries.

a sample entry for Eestikeelne Raamat 1901-1917

The volume begins with a brief but thorough history of Estonian publishing for the period. The editor provides information on all classes of literature, from trends in popular fiction to religious literature. A great deal of statistical data can be culled from this essay which is provided in Estonian, German, English and Russian.

This bibliography describes more than 8500 titles. However, as the editor notes, this is only a fraction of the entire publishing output for the region during those years when some 24,900 publications were issued.

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Eesti raamatute uldnimestik.

Supplement to the journal Eesti kirjandus. 1918-1939
UIUC does not hold this title. Available at Yale, New York Public Library, Stanford

This was the first attempt at a true national bibliography in Estonia. The bibliography was actually published as a supplement to a literary journal. It included all Estonian books exceeding four pages in length. Initially, periodicals were not included. Beginning with the volumes covering 1924-1928, periodicals and newspapers were indexed. The volumes covering later years did include citations to periodical publications. These lists were based on the monthly registration lists of the Estonian National Library.

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Eesti raamat 1941-1944.

Tomingas,Janika; Tallinn: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu. 1997
UIUC does not hold this title.

This volume is another in the series of retrospective bibliographies being published by the National Library of Estonia. It describes more than 1,000 books printed during the German occupation of Estonia. Like the other volumes in this series it includes the holdings for the National Library, the Estonian Academy, and several other institutions.

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Noukogude Eesti Raamat, 1940-1954. Koondbibliograafia.

Tallinn: Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus, 1956.
UIUC Call Number: Baltic Reference 016.894545 T14n

Noukogude Eesti Raamat, 1955-1965: Koondimestik.

Tallinn: Kirjastus "Eesti Raamat", 1972.
UIUC does not hold

Noukogude Eesti raamat, 1966-1970. Koondnimestik.

Tallinn: Kirjastus "Eesti Raamat", 1978.
UIUC Call Number: Baltic Reference 015.4741 N852

Noukogude Eesti raamat 1971-1975. Koondnimestik.

Tallinn: Kirjastus "Eesti Raamat", 1989.
UIUC does not hold

The Soviet influence is clearly seen in the "complete" listing of Estonian books. The volume begins with a series of statistical tables, one of the first of which the increase in the publication of works devoted to "classic Marxist-Leninist" thought. That being said the volume provides a convenient listing of Estonian monographs arranged by subject.

a sample entry for Noukogude Eesti Raamat

There is an alphabetical name/title index to facilitate access. Headings in the table of contents are given in Estonian and Russian. The volume includes a brief essay on pp.443-447 in Russian on "Books of Soviet Estonian" which is not listed in the table of contents. Authors and titles are also listed in Russian translation, but the entries are organized alphabetically in Estonian.

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a sample entry for Raamatukroonika: Eesti NSV trukitoodangu riklik bibliograafiaRaamatukroonika: Eesti NSV trukitoodangu riklik bibliograafia.

Tallinn: Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus, 1946-1991.
UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 016.894545 R111; IU holds 1963,1965-1974, 1983-87.

This series is modeled on the Soviet bibliography Knizhnaia Letopis'. It is modified to fit the publishing trends in Estonia. That is, it was issued monthly rather than weekly as there were not such large number of items to record. Also, it included music, periodicals, maps and graphic publications in its main series.

One of the helpful features of this bibliography is the analytical entry in works such as that shown here. The titles of all the songs included in this publication are listed here. Each issue included a list of the entries in that issue which were Estonian language publications.

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a sample entry for Eesti rahvusbibliograafiaEesti rahvusbibliograafia. Raamatud.

Tallinn: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu, 1992- .
UIUC Call Number: Main Stacks 015.4798 Ee794; current issues in Baltic Reference.

This subseries of the new bibliography of Estonian publications, issued since 1992, is limited to books. Since the new series began publication, subseries have been issued for different formats of material:

Perioodika. 1994-, Annual
Muusika. 1995- , Annual
1997- , Annual
Ametlikud valjaanded, 1993- , Annual

The montly subseries devoted to books is arranged by subject and includes an author index. Each issue also includes an index of series titles. All entries include full bibliographic information inlcuding any series information and universal dewey classification number. New publications for the national bibliography are listed at the Estonian national library website.



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