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Note: In the civil service, the 8th rank brought hereditary nobility. However, only children born after the achievement of the required rank were ennobled. (Furthermore, although in the early days automatic ennoblement was achieved at the 8th rank, this was later raised to the fourth rank--after 1856--and then abolished).

Titles by Rank Number:

  1. Kantsler
  2. Deistvitel'nyi tainyi sovetnik
  3. Tainyi sovetnik
  4. Deistvitel'nyi statskii sovetnik
  5. Statskii sovetnik
  6. Kollezhskii sovetnik
  7. Nadvornyi sovetnik
  8. Kollezhskii assessor **************************************************************
  9. Tituliarnyi sovetnik
  10. Kollezhskii sekretar'
  11. [...]
  12. Gubernskii sekretar'
  13. [Provintsial'nyi sekretar']
  14. Kollezhskii registrator **************************************************************
NB: Kantseliarist: no rank number (below #14)

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