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Other bibliographic projects and initiatives to be excluded by current criteria

This list is by no means complete, and sites are listed alphabetically, Latin followed by Cyrillic. We're not sure about whether phrases or examples in red should really be in the exclusion criteria.

The inventory will exclude:

1) wholly commercial enterprises

2) card catalogs turned into OPACs

3) print dictionaries turned into online dictionaries

4) digital repositories and archives

5) portals, online forums, and lists of links on a topic. Many of these sites contain or link to digitalized resources but are not themselves digital projects according to our definition.

6) webpages with information on digital processes

7) lists, inventories, or catalogs of digital resources

8) library guides, finding aids, and bibliographies (even annotated) that are neither reformatted from print originals nor use descriptive markup

9) born-digital keyboarded texts

10) instructional aids

11) databases without digitized materials

This includes so-called dictionary databases

This does not include databases of images. These qualify as digital projects.

12) GIS data without other digitized materials

13) journal aggregators

Other projects that fit into more than one of these categories, or the classification of which is still unclear: