LIS 530C: Fall 2006

Russian, East European & Eurasian

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Session 4:

South East Europe

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~ Session 4 Description ~

Resources for the study of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia

~ Session 4 Requirements & Other Materials ~

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Required Reading

Author Date Title
Miller, Larry; Hitchins, Keith.
1976 "University of Illinois" chapter (pp. 187-197) in Horecky, P. and D. Kraus, eds. East Central and Southeastern Europe: a Handbook of Library and Archival Resources (Santa Barbara, 1976). Slavic Ref [non-circulating] Call Number: 016.947 EA77. [Brief update in Guide to Slavic Collections in the United States and Canada, 2004; see Slavic Ref [non-circulating] Call Number: 026.94009794 G9411, pp. 133-141].


Additional Readings

Author Date Title
Fisher, Alan 1980 "Sources and Perspectives for the Study of Ottoman-Russian Relations in the Black Sea Region," International Journal of Turkish Studies 1, no.2 (1980): 77-84.
Kiel, Machiel 1990 "Remarks on the Administration of the Poll Tax (cizye) in the Ottoman Balkans and Value of Poll Tax Registers (cizye defterleri) for Demographic Research." Etudes Balkaniques 26, no. 4 (1990): 70-104.

Other Assignments



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