LIS 530C: Fall 2006

Russian, East European & Eurasian

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Session 2:

Russia: General

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Required Reading

Author Date Title
Fisher, Ralph 1994 "Swimming with the Current," Russian History 21, no.2 (1994): 149-70. (Section III only)


Additional Readings

Author Date Title
Fesenko, Kirill 2005 "Rediscovering the Russian National Bibliography," Slavic and East European Information Resources 6, no. 1 (2005): 143-150. (available online)
Karasik, Vladimir 2003 "From Odessa to Odessa: Russian-Jewish Periodicals of Ukraine, 1860-2000," Slavic and East European Information Resources 4, issue 2/3 (2003): 119-150. (available online)
'Jewish periodicals published in Ukraine in Russian and Ukrainian over a 140-year time span are described, with bibliographical analysis. A central table notes the characteristics of all 311 periodicals, including titles, cities and dates of publication, main features, and/or subtitles. Their development, regional distribution, and languages of publication are reviewed. In 2000, close to 100 Jewish newspapers, magazines, almanacs, and bulletins were active...'
Zalewski, Wojciech 2000s "Russian Reference Works" (Last modified: June 27, 2005) (available online)

Other Assignments



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