LIS 530C: Fall 2006

Russian, East European & Eurasian

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Session 12:

Digital Applications: Social sciences

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~ Session 12 Description ~

Approaches to East European social science research: GIS (Geographic Information Systems), qualitative data analysis (unstructured texts).

~ Session 12 Requirements & Other Materials ~

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Required Reading

Author Date Title
Jessop, Martyn 2005

"The Application of a Geographical Information System to the Creation of a Cultural Heritage Digital Resource." Literary and Linguistic Computing 20, no. 1 ( 2005): 71-90. Project to evaluate GIS and web technology for integrating quantitative and qualitative data about forced migration in Macedonia, 1880 to the present. (available online)


Additional Readings

Author Date Title
Adam, Frane and Darka Podmenik 2005 "Qualitative Research in a Changing Epistemic Context. The Case of a Small Social Science Community [in Slovenia]," Forum: Qualitative Social Research 6, no. 3, art. 40 (Sept 2005). (available online).
Llona, Eileen 2005 "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Slavic Humanists and Social Scientists," 2005 UIUC Slavic Digital Text Workshop (available online).
Llona, Eileen 2005 "Introduction to GIS For Slavic Humanists, Social Scientists and Librarians" 2005 Slavic Digital Text Workshop (available online).
Stanford Unversity Libaries and Academic Information Resources 2005 "Qualitative Software: SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys," (available online). "Compared to other qualitative data analysis software such as NVivo, SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys is designed for analyzing verbatim responses to survey questions rather than large blocks of text from open-ended interviews. Researchers then export the newly categorized information into SPSS or other quantitative software for further analysis."
Welsh, Elaine 2002 "Dealing with Data: Using NVivo in the Qualitative Data Analysis Process," Forum: Qualitative Social Research 3, no. 2 (May 2002). (available online). This paper compares manual techniques in the qualitative data analysis of interview transcripts with the use of NVivo

Other Assignments



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