Creating Item Records, Marking the Volume and Making an Item Folder

Creating Item Records

With the holdings record still open, click New Items to create a new item record. Attach a barcode label to the top back of the shelfmark flag. Scan the barcode into the item record. Save the item record to the database. If you have a multivolume set, see the instructions for " Multivolume Sets".

Marking the Volume

Write the shelfmark neatly in pencil in the upper left corner of the cataloger’s page (or its equivalent). Stamp the verso of that same leaf in the bottom margin with the small, round RBML stamp. Apply micro-embossing according to RBML guidelines. Trim the shelfmark flag to stand about a half-inch above the top of the book and insert the flag in the text block. If the cover is loose or detached, tie the book with white cotton tying tape.

Making an Item Folder

If any papers are found to have been tucked or laid into the book, remove them. Write the shelfmark in pencil in the upper left corner of the verso of the paper(s) so that they are identifiable with the book from which they were removed. Place paper(s) in an acid-free folder and write the shelfmark on the folder tab. These item folders are filed in shelfmark sequence in filing cabinets in the front office.