Merinda Kaye Hensley

Assistant Professor, University Library

Instructional Services Librarian

Scholarly Commons Co-Coordinator

My passion as an academic librarian is to create learning experiences for researchers at all stages of inquiry in order to enhance advanced research and information management skills.


Curriculum Vitae


M.S., Library and Information Science. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL. 2006.

B.A., Political Science, Environmental Policy. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. 1998.

Research Interests

The most rewarding aspects of research are in asking new questions, sharing revelations, and demonstrating innovative conclusions but the intricacies of publication and dissemination are a mystery to our students, undergraduates in particular. As an instruction librarian, the library can expand upon its information literacy mission; not only can we teach skills that translate into a lifelong ability in finding, evaluating, using, and ethically sharing information, we can also help undergraduate and graduate students understand their rights and roles in creating and sharing new information. To do so effectively, we must investigate and understand the factors that influence the decisions students make regarding the publication of their work. There is a role for librarians to provide context for students at all levels in understanding scholarly communication, a process through which scholarly work is created, evaluated by the academic community, disseminated through presentations and writings, and most importantly, preserved for future use. My research examines the intersections between scholarly communication issues and information literacy through three lenses: the amateur undergraduate, the schooled but neophyte graduate student, and the academic librarian. 

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