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Under the leadership of the Office of Research & Technology, the Library IT provides critical technological infrastructure to the Library including server and database administration, desktop and network support, web development and maintenance, and access control. The Library IT is composed of two units:

Library IT Production Services

The Library IT Production Services consists of four units that provide core technology services supporting all areas of the Library operation.

Help Desk

The Library IT Help Desk focuses on enabling Library Faculty and Staff to make effective use of the Library’s production technology-based systems and services. Support requests are reviewed and triaged by Help Desk staff, then resolved or routed appropriately. The Help Desk also assists Library IT with documentation, user education, planning, and communication.

Infrastructure & Maintenance

The Infrastructure Maintenance and Support (IMS) group is responsible for maintaining all Library infrastructure hardware and software operations, including server and storage systems. IMS also supports production applications, whether open source, developed in-house, or third party. The extent of support includes monitoring for availability/performance, applying application and security patches, implementing backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans, and maintaining the IT service catalog.

Web Team

The Web Team facilitates the development, deployment, and maintenance of web services and applications within the Library. The Web Team creates and modifies templates and elements for use by Library Faculty and Staff with various web management systems. Also, the Web Team trains, supports, and troubleshoots problems in the use of Library web content platforms, including the integration of third party code/resources into library managed web content (Flickr, Twitter, etc).

Workstation & Network

The Workstation and Network Support (WNS) group is responsible for the installation, maintenance and support of the Library networked computing hardware and software infrastructure, including approximately 1000 workstations and laptops, peripherals, and network printers that serve Library Faculty, Staff, and patrons. Activities include responding to work requests, operating system and software installation and updates, and hardware lifecycle management.

Software Development Group

The Software Development Group (SDG) engages in the development of software applications and systems in support of the mission of the University of Illinois Library. The SDG staff also provides programming and technical support for grant-funded research and development projects in the Library.

Scholarly Communication and Repository Services

The Scholarly Communication and Repository Services division of Library IT is responsible for providing programming and technical support for all components of the Library's large-scale digital preservation management system and the technical infrastructure for the IDEALS scholarly communications initiatives within the University Library. Team members also provide technical support to other scholarly communication or digital preservation research projects or related programs within the Library.