Using the dedicated PC in room 323C

Before you begin

Training is required before you can log on to the desktop of the dedicated PC.  Training announcements phrased as "Library IT’s phase 1 – basic conference room training" are made on LibNews regularly; you can also check the library staff calendar to sign up for training.

Plan ahead:  Library IT wants you to have successful meetings.  If you are hosting a conference, meeting, or event that may require extra assistance, such as using a new device, or hosting a webinar or video conference, please send an OTRS ticket to Library IT at least one week in advance to schedule a practice run so that we can accommodate you appropriately.

The display monitor in this room is NOT a touchscreen.  Touchscreen monitors are available in rooms 225B and 308 of the Main Library.

Setting up the dedicated PC

The touchscreen controller panel is used to power on the flat panel and projector.

 1.  Power on either device (Flat Panel Monitor or Projector) using the touchscreen controller.

  • Flat Panel Monitor -- Select Power under the Flat Panel section of touch screen controller.
    screenshot of Power button for flat panel monitor
  • Projector -- Select Power On under the Projector section of touchscreen controller.
    screenshot of Power button for projector
  • Or use both simultaneously -- Select Power under the Flat Panel section AND Power On in the Projector section.

 2.  Turn on the wireless keyboard and mouse.  Once on, move the mouse or hit enter on the keyboard to wake up the PC.

  • The keyboard off/on switch is in the top-right corner above the number pad.
    image of keyboard on/off switch
  • Flip over the mouse to locate the off/on switch.
    image of on/off switch on mouse

 3.  For the source/input selection, select South HDMI within the top row of the touchscreen controller.

screenshot of South HDMI button selected

 4.  Display the desktop on the:

  • Flat Panel Monitor -- select the Switch button within the Flat Panel section of the touchscreen controller.
    screenshot of Switch button in the Flat Panel section
  • Projector -- select the Switch button within the Projector section of the touchscreen controller.
    screenshot of Switch button in the Projector section
  • You may display both the Projector and Flat Panel simultaneously.  Select Switch for both Flat Panel and Projector within the selected input South HDMI for PC.  In the image shown below, the dedicated PC is connected (South HDMI) and displaying both on the projector and flat panel.
    screenshot of both Switch and South HDMI buttons selected

 5.  The desktop will prompt you to enter Ctrl+ALT+Delete before logging on.  Press Ctrl+ALT+Delete and then sign in with your netid and AD (active directory) password.

Using the PC

Three sound controls and checks

  • On the touchscreen controller
    • Main volume is the left volume toggle.  The main volume (best sound) comes from the projector.
      screenshot of the volume control on the touchscreen
    • If echoing occurs, make sure the Flat Panel Vol- is at zero.
      screenshot of volume control for flat panel
  • On the desktop when you log on – bottom right corner of the screen.
    screenshot of sound icon on desktop
  • If you opened a video or webinar, check the volume in the application.  (see YouTube example below).
    screenshot of YouTube video and its sound icon

And remember...

Once you log into the PC, your G and H drives will map automatically.

There is no remote.  The touchscreen controller controls the display and sound during use.

The USB ports are located on the table.

image of USB ports

When you are finished using the PC:

  • Save any files to the G or H drive, Box, Webmail, or a USB drive.  User profiles are deleted regularly to keep the PC running optimally; any files saved to the PC desktop, documents folder, or C drive will not be available for you later.
  • Please turn off the wireless keyboard and mouse when you're finished using the PC.  This will ensure the batteries will be usable for the next person.
  • Be sure to log out of the computer, and also power off the monitor and projector.
    • Power off the flat panel monitor -- select the Power button under the flat panel section of the touchscreen controller.
    • Power off the projector -- select the Power off button under the projector section of the touchscreen controller.

The Help Desk is available at (217) 244-4688 if you encounter any problems.