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ILLiad Lending Instructions

Step by Step Instructions for Using the ILLiad Lending Web Pages

Click the appropriate link below or scroll down the page to see the complete steps.

Step 1

Have you received an ILLiad Login and Password from the University of Illinois Lending Office?

Step 2

If you have received an ILLiad Login and Password open your web browser and go to the Interlibrary Loan Home Page
If you have not received an ILLiad Logon and Password, please apply here Request an ILLiad Account

Step 3

From the Interlibrary Loan Home Page scroll down to the lower section under the royal blue bar titled, "For Libraries Requesting Materials from the UIUC Collections" and click on the link "Login to Place a Request".

Step 4

The next screen you will see is the ILLiad Lending Logon Page. Please enter your Login and Password in the boxes provided. Then click on the button "Logon to ILLiad". This will open your ILLiad account via the webpage.

Step 5

The first section allows you to place a request for a photocopy of material or a loan of material from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Libraries. Click on the appropriate button and fill out the forms completely as possible.

Any field that has an asterisk (*) beside it is a required field. There must be something in this field for the request to be placed even if you do not know the answer. For example, if you need a photocopy from a journal and you do not know the page numbers, you must type the word "unknown" or "?" in order for the form to successfully place your request.

Step 6

Once you have placed your request the system will take you back to the main menu of your account. A transaction number will appear in the status line below the Main Menu of ILLiad. You can now track your request through the Lending Process by checking under the Review Requests section of your account.

Step 7

There are four buttons under the orange and blue bar titled Review Requests. After clicking these buttons a list of your requests will appear. You can then click on the individual requests to see the full citation and tracking information.

Remember, your requests will move into different categories as their status changes with our department.

Step 8

The final button on the page allows you to change your password. We strongly recommend that you do this to protect your account. If the password is lost or forgotten contact our office to have it reset.

Additional Information

The Lending Office of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library receives over 130,000 requests each year. We have adopted the ILLiad Lending Web pages to better serve our users. The volume of incoming requests through fax, email, and Ariel has become unmanageable.

The web form creates a standard method to receive non-OCLC requests which results in faster processing, faster turnaround, and a consistent way to inform our users of canceled requests. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we customize and tailor these pages. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have problems or questions about our Lending Request Web Pages.


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