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Dewey Decimal in the UIUC Bookstacks


-Anatomy of a
  Call Number

  *Size Designation
  *Dewey Number
  *Cutter Number
  *Work Mark
  *Putting it Together
-Other Resources
  *Web Resources

Anatomy of a Call Number

Ready to learn how to decipher those call numbers so you can find what you need on the shelves? Great! First, let's look at a typical call number: Q.855.1EC70i:Ecop.2.  There are four main parts to call numbers for material in the Bookstacks: the size designation, Dewey decimal number, Cutter number, and work mark.

Size Designation Size Designation Dewey Decimal Number Dewey Decimal Number Cutter Number Cutter Number Work Mark Work Mark Anatomy of a call number

In the next four sections, we'll look at each of these elements more closely. And along the way, we'll put your learning to the test with some interactive quizzes.

Size Designation
Size Designation

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