Central Access Services

Valid Library Identification Cards

ID Card Required for Services

A valid identification card is required to obtain circulation services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.

The following ID cards are accepted:

Note: CIC patrons carrying valid photo ID and a valid CIC ID card (obtained from their home university library) are eligible to apply for a Courtesy Borrowing CardOCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program Card holders who are residents of Illinois or surrounding states (Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri or Wisconsin) carrying a valid photo ID are also eligible to apply for a Courtesy Card.

Identification cards will be accepted only if presented by the person to whom the card was issued.  Unless the cardholder is a proxy for another patron, cards may only be used for transactions of the cardholder.  ID's not mentioned above, such as drivers' licenses or passports, are not valid library ID cards.