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Library privileges are extended with the understanding that the individual agrees to abide by library policies and procedures, and to safeguard the material in their care. Repeated or egregious violation of library policies, or failure to safeguard library material, may result in the review, amendment, suspension, or revocation of library privileges, as well as University-imposed discipline, criminal prosecution or other legal action, as appropriate.

Overdue Fines and Notices

Overdue notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users. However, non-receipt of an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from applicable fines or billings. To avoid overdue notices, fines, and bills please return or renew your materials before the due date and return recalled items by the recall due date.

Overdue Notices

UIUC sends overdue notices for most materials as follows:

  • The first overdue notice is issued on the 7th day following the due date.
  • The second overdue notice is issued on the 21st day following the due date.

Notices are sent by email if possible, otherwise by mail. To request that notices be sent via mail please contact the Library Telephone Center.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are assessed for the following items:

  • Building Use Only material: $10/day
  • Loanable Technology: $15/day
  • Recalled items: $5/day
  • Reserves: Varies by loan type.  Hourly reserves are fined $5 for each hour, or any portion of an hour, overdue.
  • Video, DVD/CD, audiobook, and other media items from the Undergraduate Library:  approx. $1/day

ALL patron types, including faculty, are assessed reserve, loanable technology and recall fines.

Processing Fees

A processing fee is assessed once an item is considered by the Library to be lost.  Borrowers assessed this fee include:

  • Graduate students (including graduate and teaching assistants)
  • Undergraduate students
  • Courtesy card borrowers--Type LL
  • "Building Use Only" permit holders

The fee amount varies, depending on the type of item.  The fee for most items is currently $10.  The fee for DVDs is currently $30.

"Assumed Lost" billing:

UIUC items which remain overdue for an extended time (currently 40 days for most items loaned to UIUC patrons) will be assumed to have been lost by the borrower. The borrower will be billed the average replacement cost for books in the subject area, usually a minimum of $125.00 for books and a minimum of $300.00 for bound periodicals. The Library may assess a higher replacement cost in special instances. 

Loanable technology items will be assumed lost if not returned within 10 days following the due date.  Replacement charges for these items vary and are noted on the form signed by the borrower when the item is borrowed.

The replacement amount is usually credited if the overdue item is returned; however, the processing fee (see above) will not be refunded.  If the item has been damaged, has already been replaced by the library, or if the item was billed more than two years ago, the replacement amount may be refunded only in part or not at all. In such cases please contact the Library Billing Office for more information.

The Library cannot accept payment for UIUC bills. For information on payment options for UIUC bills please visit the University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations website.

If you have questions about an overdue notice, contact the library from which you borrowed the item. If you have a question about a bill, consult the Library Billing Office. Outstanding library charges may block your borrowing privileges; if you are a student, outstanding library bills may also prevent your registration for classes, your graduation, or requests for transcripts. Please pay your library bills promptly.

Fines and bills from other I-Share Libraries

UIUC Library borrowers are subject to the loan and fine policies of the institution from which they have borrowed the material. ALL UIUC faculty, graduate students, staff, undergraduate and courtesy card borrowers may be charged overdue fines, processing fees, and lost book charges by the lending library for failure to return or renew material by the due date.

As a CARLI I-Share member library, the University of Illinois Library adheres to the I-Share Library Resource Sharing Code. This code obligates us to assist the lending library in securing the return of overdue materials and the payment of any charges associated with late renewals or returns or lost or damaged material. Lending libraries may request that we suspend the borrowing privileges of UIUC patrons who fail to return or renew materials when due, who fail to return recalled material promptly, or pending their receipt of payment for overdue fines, billing fees, or lost book charges.

UIUC material borrowed by I-Share patrons, as well as I-Share material borrowed by UIUC patrons, reaches lost status at 29 days overdue, per the I-Share code mentioned above. 

Paying I-Share fines and bills

I-Share payments should be sent directly to the I-Share institution, to the address indicated on their invoice or Fine/Fee Notice.  Checks or money orders must be made payable to the I-Share institution.  Contact the I-Share institution directly with payment questions.

NOTE: Polices are subject to change. 



Contact Information:

The Library Billing Office is located on the second floor of the Main Library, Room 203.

Open M-F 8:30 am-12:00 pm, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Phone: 217-333-8288
FAX: 217-244-4358 
Email: libbill@library.illinois.edu

Mailing address: Library Billing Office/203 Library - Univ of Illinois/1408 W Gregory Dr/Urbana, IL 61801
We suggest insuring library material returned by mail for the replacement value of the material.