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A picture of Kelli Trei, the biosciences librarianBiology Virtual Library

The Biology Virtual Library Portal has served the Schools of Life Sciences on campus since 1959. Now a virtual space, the online library has a customized Easy Search tab for the Biological Sciences and links to frequently used databases and other useful resources. Subject areas include all aspects of the biological sciences, biochemistry, and bioengineering. The print collection is now housed in the Funk/ACES Library.

Biosciences Librarian - Kelli Trei

a picture of Peg Burnett, the Biomedical Sciences LibrarianBiomedical Sciences Virtual Library

Biomedical Science is a multidisciplinary area covering basic science, medicine, nursing, health, bioengineering, biotechnology, human genomic research and more. The Biomedical Sciences Virtual Library will connect faculty, students, educators, and researchers alike to vital information with an emphasis on Medicine, Community and Allied Health, and beyond. This collection also serves interdisciplinary biomedical research in areas such as translational medicine, neurosciences, imaging, oncology, population health and more.

Biomedical Sciences Librarian - Peg Burnette 
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A picture of Sarah C. Williams, the Life Sciences Data Services LibrarianLife Sciences Data Services

Life Sciences Data Service provides personalized assistance to UIUC life scientists for data management planning and data curation.  Research data support spans the entire lifecycle of research data including data management plans required by funding organizations, organization and storage of data, file naming and metadata, identification of data repositories, and data sharing and preservation.

Life Sciences Data Services Librarian - Sarah C. Williams

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The logo for the National Science Foundation, an image of the earth, with "NSF" superimposed. NIH Public Access Policy. Did you know that most publications resulting from NIH funded research must be deposited in PubMed Central? The Library can help! Learn More