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Biomedical Databases

Biomedical Databases

Databases for Specific Topics or Disciplines

Resources for Clinical Care & Evidence-based Decision Making

  • AccessMedicine  (Drugs, Diagnosis, Guidelines, Patient Education)
  • DynaMed [EBSCO]  (Mobile Version, Evidence Summaries, Diseases & Conditions, Calculators)
  • Clinical Key  (Journals, Drugs, Patient Education)
  • UpToDate  (Diseases & Conditions, Drug Interactions, Patient Information, Calculators)

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Select list of journals with high Impact Factor

More: Electronic Journals for Specific Biomedical Topics/Disciplines

Open Access E-Journals

These collections are freely available and provide full text for select biomedical journal titles.

  • Bandolier (independent journal about evidence-based healthcare; written by Oxford scientists)
  • BiomedCentral (241 peer-reviewed journals in medicine, science and technology)
  • PubMed Central (PMC)  (archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the National Library of Medicine)

Research Guides for Related Topics

  • Health Information Portal
    The Health Information Portal provides additional health subject resource guides for Alternative Medicine, Bioengineering, Genetics, Nursing, Public Health and more

Staying Current

RFI: Input on Information Resources for Data-Related Standards Widely Used in Biomedical Science

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