Service Values

Service values lie at the core of actual service provision.  A list of articulated and accepted service values, however, does not immediately translate into better service.  But it does help to guide us all in providing better service.  The list of service values below will be used in a service training program currently planned by Cindy Kelly of Library Human Resources.  She and an advisory committee intend to use these in various aspects of this training program that includes reflection on service behaviors and discussion of case studies of service encounters.  Some of the words used here are not widely used in parts of the Library.  Who, for example, are technical services’ “patrons?”  The Library service training will explore the meaning and import of each of these statements.  In approving these values the Administrative Council is indicating that these are desired behaviors and that the manifestation of them depends to some degree on context.


  1. We will treat all patrons with courtesy.
  2. We will respond to service requests as accurately and quickly as possible.
  3. We will project a sense of engagement, professionalism and competence in delivering services to patrons.
  4. We will refer patrons to other service points only when we are sure that relevant help will be found there.
  5. We will provide patrons with quick, accurate access to the collection.
  6. We will enable patrons to be self-reliant.
  7. We will endeavor to provide a pleasant physical environment for our patrons.
  8. We will continuously seek to improve our service in any way we can.
  9. We will treat our own staff with courtesy, responsiveness, and care.



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