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Quick Carrel Information

Carrels are provided for research purposes only. As such, the following guidelines for use must be observed.

Library Material

Library material kept in your carrel must be checked out to your library account or it will be removed by library staff.


Please turn off lights, unplug lamps, remove all personal electronics (including but not limited to: monitors, keyboards, mice, laptops, power cords, etc.), and close windows and window shades when leaving the carrel. Do not leave books on the floor, window ledges, or near the radiator. Fire code prohibits covering of windows, doors, and/or walls with paper, cloth, etc.


Not all researchers find the Main Stacks to be an environment that is conducive to study. As it is an active workspace with ongoing shifting and maintenance projects, noise levels may vary. Patrons with sensitivity to dust or temperature variance may not find a carrel to be a suitable space for research.

Personal Items

Writing implements, paper, class materials, personal books, and library items are allowed in the Stacks. Personal electronics are also allowed in the Stacks, but must be removed each time the patron exits the Stacks. Lockers are available at the Stacks entrance for other items.

  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
    • Edible items and/or packaging (e.g., food, candy, cough drops)
    • Liquids and/or containers for liquids
    • Extra furniture (e.g., step stools)
    • Personal care items such as lotion, lip balm, and other toiletries
    • Bags/backpacks/purses

Prohibited items found in your carrel may be removed. Items that are removed from carrels will be held for 30 days while we try to locate you. The library assumes no responsibility or liability for items lost or stolen from a study carrel.


You may contact Central Access Services by phone, email, or in person to renew keys each semester. When you are finished with your carrel, please return the key to the Main Circulation desk to avoid being charged for a lost key.

Violation of any of these policies may result in loss of carrel privileges and/or Stacks access.

If you have any questions, please contact Central Access Services at (217) 333-8400, circlib@library.illinois.edu, or visit us on the second floor of the Main Library building.