Active Data Storage

placeorderActive Data Storage (ADS) is a partnership between the RDSNCSA, and Tech Services. Projects can rely on the ADS to meet mid-scale storage needs such as online backups, hosting of large datasets, operational data storage and scratch space for analysis, mid-term data archiving, and more. The ADS offers scalable storage from a few terabytes to over a petabyte of storage exported as a private file system for each project available through multiple protocols with good transfer rates. The storage provides high-availability and high-reliability through the use of standard RAID technologies and hardware that provides redundant paths to tolerate the loss of a controller or entire server.

Cost:  $96/TB/year (single copy) as a provisional rate and subject to indirect costs if purchased on grant funds.

For more details about the ADS, view the ADS Service Level Definition.

To learn how to use the ADS, please see the ADS User Guide.

To order a storage allocation on the ADS, please fill out this form.