Library Emerging and Integrated Technologies

The purpose of the LEITC is to build upon core technologies and leveraging campus and Library advanced technologies that are currently available and in development, while providing a cohesive strategy for advanced technology support in the Library. The LEITC will serve as the Library’s primary point of contact for campus initiatives to advanced technologies, including the Data Science initiative, the NCSA and Cline Center for Democracy, and the Siebel Center for Design (SC4D). In addition, the LEITC will coordinate communication and engagement opportunities with Library faculty and staff, affiliates, and related committees.

The LEITC has partnered will five core contributing groups, which includes the Media Commons (MC), the IDEA Lab, the Scholarly Commons (SC), the Research and Information Services (RIS) department, and Scholarly Communications and Publishing (SCP) unit. These partnerships will allow the LEITC to assist with the design and specification of advanced technology spaces and services, while coordinating Library advanced technology efforts, which will help support individual researchers and research groups in their research activities related to scholarly and its resulting output.

If you have any questions, please contact the us at leitc@library.illinois.edu.

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