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Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a growing problem on campuses throughout the country; in many cases it is a direct result of the Internet's ability to provide access to not only large amounts of information but also entire research and term papers. Not all of the downloaded papers lead to plagiarism, but many do.

On this page is information to help you prevent and detect plagiarism. This includes links to sites at other universities that address the same topics and provide guidelines for both prevention and detection. Also included are links to term paper sites, to show you what is available. The term paper sites include prewritten and "made to order" options, book reports, theatre and movie reviews. A perhaps unexpected source of material for plagiarism comes from college and university professors who post their own work and writing on the Internet.

Assistance in identifying plagiarism

Tips that discourage plagiarism

Identifying plagiarized papers

The following can all assist you when you suspect a paper has been plagiarized.

Plagiarism information and prevention sites

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