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To best refine your students' research palates, please select from the options below. 

List your selected plate when completing your  Library Instruction Request.

Single Plate Session

Includes ONE class session.

Double Plate Session

Includes TWO class sessions.  


Single Session Options

Perfect for refining your student's research palates!

Small plates.     Perfect for the 50 minute class!

Large plates.   Perfect for the 75 minute class!

Nutritional information.     Find an explanation of the content on each of our plates.

small plates  

Orange plate special

Blue plate special

  Ethnographic special

    large plates

Orange plate special

  Blue plate special

Ethnographic special


Double Session Option

small chef

These sessions are designed to introduce your students to a larger scope of library resources and provide a greater opportunity to focus on source evaluation.  In addition, they will provide students with more time to search independently while assistance from the Undergraduate Library is available.   

Please note date options for both sessions on your request.

Session one

Session two