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Choose a Topic

Choose a Topic

One of the most difficult steps in beginning a research paper can be choosing a topic.
This page has suggestions for selecting and focusing a topic, as well as a list of possible topics to help you jumpstart the process. 

Strategies for focusing a broad research topic

Are you overwhelmed with how much information you are finding?  Try the suggestions below:


Finding research topic ideas

You'll be spending a bit of time on your research paper, so be sure to choose a topic that will sustain your interest!
You can find ideas for research topics by using the following strategies and resources:


Topic Ideas

The list that follows is based on topics that the Undergraduate Library has noted of interest to students in the past few years.
The broader categories are in bold, with suggested topics listed below. 


Crime and Law

Drugs and Drug Abuse



Family issues


Media and Communications

Political Issues



Social Issues


Women and Gender

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