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Types of Databases

Databases can be organized by the scope of the information they contain. Being aware of what this scope is can be helpful in selecting a database to begin your information search.

The Undergraduate Library's Find Articles Guide has databases listed by specific discipline/subject categories for your assistance.

General Interest Databases

General interest databases are a great place to begin research or for a general topic. These databases contain the broadest range of materials and include many different subjects and disciplines. Examples of general interest databases include:

Discipline-Specific Databases

Discipline-based databases are more focused then general interest databases. These databases include materials in several related subject areas. Materials are usually only from professional/trade publications and scholarly/academic journals. If you are having trouble finding information on your topic in general interest databases, try a discipline-based database.

Subject-Specific Databases

If you are doing in-depth research on a topic, you will want to use subject-specific databases. These databases usually only contain materials from professional/trade publications and scholarly/academic journals. Below are some examples, but a list of all available subjects can be viewed on the Online Journals and Databases page.

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