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Photocopiers and Copy Cards


Black and White photocopiers are located throughout the library. Photocopying costs $0.20 a page (both in cash and copy cards). There are currently no color photocopiers available in the Undergraduate Library, although we do have a variety of color scanners located around the upper level of the Undergraduate Library.

Photocopiers are maintained by Campus Vending, in room 333 of the Illini Union. They can be reached at (217) 333-7106 for any questions, problems, or refund requests.


Copy Cards

There is a copy card machine located on the upper level of the Undergraduate Library, next to the photocopiers near the UGL Collaboration rooms.

Copy cards (also known as Campus Vending Value Cards) have an initial  $0.50 one-time cost, otherwise an I-card can be used (will not have an initial $0.50 charge).

For questions, problems, or refunds please contact Campus Vending at (217) 333-7106.