UGL Mac Software

Adobe Creativity Suite

Adobe Illustrator - vector graphic editor
Adobe Photoshop - graphics editor
Dreamweaver - website developer
Adobe Bridge - organizes files from the various Adobe Creativity Suite programs
Adobe Device Central - preview and test files created by other Adobe Creativity Suite programs
Adobe Drive - build websites and web applications
Adobe Extension Manager - change file extentions
Adobe Media Player
Adobe Acrobat Pro - view and create PDFs
Adobe Reader 9 - view PDFs

iLife Suite

GarageBand - sound and music recorder and editor - Find out how to make the best of GarageBand with Apple's tutorials here
iDVD - create DVDs of movies, mp3s, or photos - Find out how to make the best of iDVD with Apple's tutorials here
iMovie HD - video editor - Find out how to make the best of iMovie with Apple's tutorials here
iPhoto - photo organization and basic editing - Find out how to make the best of iPhoto with Apple's tutorials here
iTunes- music and video organization and player - Find out how to make the best of iTunes with Apple's tutorials here 

Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Word - word processor
Microsoft PowerPoint - create PowerPoint presentations
Microsoft Excel - create spreadsheets


EPSON Scan - Scanner software
Dashboard - loads personalized widgets (mini programs)
DVD Player
Font Book
Preview - view images and PDFs
QuickTime Player - view QuickTime movies
RealPlayer - media players
Stickies - posts messages on desktop
Text Edit
- Internet Browser
Flip4Mac - WMV player
Front Row - media center
iCal - calendar program
iChat - chat program
Image Capture - retrieves pictures
iSync - synchronize calendar on computers with mobile versions
iWeb - website creation program
Photo Booth - snapshots and video camera