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The Undergrad has 2 Zenith VCR/DVD combo players available for checkout.

As part of a resolution to a dilemma faced by many professors of film and classes which use film for instructional purposes, we now circulate VCRs as loanable technology. The University has removed, or are in the process of removing, VCRs from most campus classrooms, and many film and media  instructors still use VHS tapes. As a means of providing an alternative to our campus-famous Room 295, two Zenith VCR/DVD Combos have been cataloged for circulation. DVD player is NTSC Region 1

How to get one

What you get

VCR/DVD Combo and contents

1. VCR/DVD Combo Main Unit  2. AV Cables 

3. Remote Control  4. 2 AAA Batteries