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Myths Revised or Continued Guide

Myths have been retold through various cultures and mediums for generations. Contemporary retellers of myths mix fantasy and realism, fleshing out characters and exposing new ideas. These tales build on traditional myths and legends to create new works of fantasy.

They are organized in general categories; Celtic and Welsh Mythology, Egyptian Mythology , Greek and Roman Mythology, and Norse Mythology. For a guide to Celtic myths specifically focused on the story of King Arthur, see the guide to Arthurian Fantasy.

Most books are located in the School (S-) Collection (Room 112, Main Library) of the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library. However, books may also be located at the Center for Children's Books and older books may be located in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library (Room 346, Main Library) or in the Oak Street Facility. To verify the location of an item, please search for the book in the Online Library Catalog. If you require assistance locating an item, please ask for assistance at the SSHEL Information Services Desk.

Celtic and Welsh Mythology

S. B5614t
Black, Holly. Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale. 2002.
Sixteen-year-old Kaye, who has been visited by faeries since childhood, discovers that she herself is a magical faerie creature with a special destiny.
     S. B561v
     Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie.2005.
     S. B561i
     Ironside: A Modern Faery’s Tale. 2007.

S. C787O
Cooper, Susan. Over Sea, Under Stone. 1965.
Three children find an ancient manuscript and become involved in a quest to discover the true story of King Arthur. This is the introduction to the Dark is Rising quartet, which includes Arthurian legend and a variety of Celtic and Welsh myths in a fantastical struggle between good and evil forces.
     Sequels (Dark is Rising Sequence):
     S. C787DA
     The Dark is Rising. 1973.
     S. C787G
     The Greenwitch. 1974.
     S. C787GR
     The Grey King. 1975.
     S. C787S
     Silver on the Tree. 1977.

S. G186O
Garner, Alan. The Owl Service. 1967.
A contemporary retelling of the story of Blodeuwedd, a character from Welsh mythology.

S.398.21 G931D
Guard, David. Dierdre: A Celtic Legend. 1977.
According to this ancient legend, at her birth, a wise Druid foretold that Dierdre’s beauty would tear Ulster apart.

S. J713f
Jones, Diana Wynne. Fire and Hemlock. 1985.
A complex retelling of the legend of Tam Lin.

S. L22br
Lanagan, Margo. The Brides of Rollrock Island. 2012.
On remote Rollrock Island, men go to sea to make their livings--and to catch their wives. The witch Misskaella knows the way of drawing a girl from the heart of a seal, of luring the beauty out of the beast. And for a price a man may buy himself a lovely sea-wife. He may have and hold and keep her. And he will tell himself that he is her master. But from his first look into those wide, questioning, liquid eyes, he will be just as transformed as she. He will be equally ensnared. And the witch will have her true payment.

S. M459f
McBride, Regina. The Fire Opal. 2010.
While invading English soldiers do battle in sixteenth-century Ireland, Maeve grows up with a mystical connection to a queen who, centuries before, faced enemies of her own, and uses her special gifts to try to save her mother whose spirit has left her.

S.N617s 1987
Nimmo, Jenny. The Snow Spider. 1987.
Gifts from Gwyn's grandmother on his tenth birthday open up a whole new world to him, as he discovers he has magical powers that help him heal the breach with his father that has existed ever since his sister's mysterious disappearance four years before.
     S. N617e
     Emlyn’s Moon.1986.
     S. N617ch
     The Chestnut Soldier. 1989.

O'Shea, Pat. The Hounds of the Morrigan. 1986.
Pidge and his sister Brigit become involved with creatures from ancient Celtic myth when Pidge buys a book which is the prison of the evil serpent, Olc-Glas.

S.398.209429 Sh471m
Shepard, Aaron. The Mountain of Marvels: A Celtic Tale of Magic: Retold from The Mabinogion. 2007.
A thousand years ago, in the Celtic kingdoms of Wales, great lords gave great feasts for their fighting men and courtiers. In between the meals, the storyteller rose and spun his tales of times long past. Many of these tales are collected in this retelling of The Mabinogion.

S. St522sc
Stiefvater, Maggie. The Scorpio Races. 2011.
Nineteen-year-old returning champion Sean Kendrick competes against Puck Connolly, the first girl ever to ride in the annual Scorpio Races, both trying to keep hold of their dangerous water horses long enough to make it to the finish line.

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Egyptian Mythology

S. Ew54su
Ewing, Lynne. The Summoning. 2007.
Three fifteen-year-old girls living in Washington D.C. learn that they are the direct descendants of Egyptian pharoahs, with special powers that will allow them to battle demonic members of the Cult of Anubis, who are trying to return the universe to the chaos from which it sprung. 
      Sequels (Sisters of Isis):
      S. Ew543di
      Divine One. 2007.
      S. Ew543en
      Enchantress. 2007.
      S. Ew543h
      The Haunting. 2008.

S. R479r
Riordan, Rick. The Red Pyramid. 2010.
After their father's research experiment at the British Museum unleashes the Egyptian god Set, Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a dangerous journey across the globe--a quest which brings them ever closer to the truth about their family, and their links to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs. 
     Sequels (Kane Chronicles):
     S. R479th
     The Throne of Fire. 2011.
     S. R479se
     The Serpent’s Shadow. 2012.

813 W5845ch
White, Kiersten. The Chaos of Stars. 2013.
Sixteen-year-old Isadora, the mortal daughter of Isis and Osiris, is sick of being in the middle of family drama so she jumps at the chance to leave Egypt and start a new life in San Diego with her brother. 

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Greek and Roman Mythology

S. Ab769a
Abouzeid, Chris. Anatopsis. 2006.
Princess Anatopsis' mother, Queen Solomon, wants her to be chairwoman of the Amalgamated Witchcraft Corporation; Ana wants to be a knight-errant. Her first opportunity for a quest comes when she discovers that her new tutor, the demigod Mr. Pound has some unpleasant plans for her…and the entire world. On her quest she will need the help of Immortals, ancient gods, and the last dog in the Universe.

S. An435s
Angelini, Josephine. Starcrossed. 2011.
When shy sixteen-year-old Helen Hamilton starts having vivid dreams about three ancient, hideous women and suddenly tries to kill a new student at her Nantucket high school, she discovers that she is playing out some version of an old tale involving Helen of Troy, the Three Furies, and a mythic battle.
     S. An435d
     Dreamless. 2012.
     Not available at UIUC
     Goddess. 2013.

S. As38e
Ashton, Brodi. Everneath. 2012.
Regretting her decision to forfeit her life on Earth to become an immortal on Everneath, a world between Earth and Hell, teenaged Nikki is given the chance to return to the Surface for six months, in this story loosely based on the "Hades and Persephone" myth. 
     S. As38ev
     Everbound. 2013.
     Not available at UIUC
     Evertrue. 2014.

S. B2756d
Barrett, Tracy. Dark of the Moon. 2011.
Retells the story of the minotaur through the eyes of his fifteen-year-old sister, Ariadne, a lonely girl destined to become a goddess of the moon, and her new friend, Theseus, the son of Athens' king who was sent to Crete as a sacrifice to her misshapen brother. 

S. B2756k
Barrett, Tracy. King of Ithaka. 2010.
When sixteen-year-old Telemachos and his two best friends, one a centaur, leave their life of privilege to undertake a quest to find Telemachos's father Odysseus, they learn much along the way about what it means to be a man and a king.            

Fiction B622p
S. B622p
Block, Francesca Lia. Psyche in a Dress. 2006.
A young woman, Psyche, searches for her lost love and questions her true self in a modern retelling of Greek myths.

S. C1121ab
Cabot, Meg. Abandon. 2011.
A near-death experience, a horrible incident at school, and a move from Connecticut to Florida have turned seventeen-year-old Pierce's life upside-down, but when she needs him most John Hayden is always there, helping but reminding her of her visit to the Underworld. 
     S. C1121u
     Underworld. 2012.
      813 C1119aw
     Awaken. 2013.

S. C24512g
Carter, Aimee. The Goddess Test. 2011.
Eden, Michigan, high school student Kate Winters strikes a bargain with Henry, Greek god of the underworld, if he'll cure her dying mother of cancer. The bargain she strikes with him is a grim one, but the full enormity of what she has undertaken--"live forever or die trying"--is not revealed until it's too late to recant. 

S. C4379o
Childs, Tera Lynn. Oh. My. Gods. 2008.
When her mother suddenly decides to marry a near-stranger, Phoebe, whose passion is running, soon finds herself living on a remote Greek island, completing her senior year at an ancient high school where the students and teachers are all descended from gods or goddesses.
     S. C4379g
     Goddess Bootcamp. 2009.

S. C4379s
Childs, Tera Lynn. Sweet Venom. 2011.
As monsters walk the streets of San Francisco, unseen by humans, three teenaged descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful gorgon maligned in Greek mythology, must reunite and embrace their fates.
      Sequels (Medusa Girls):
     S. C4379ss
      Sweet Shadows. 2012.
      S. C4379sl
      Sweet Legacy. 2013.

S. C783go
Cooney, Caroline B. Goddess of Yesterday. 2002.
Taken from her home on an Aegean island as a six-year-old girl, Anaxndra calls on the protection of her goddess while she poses as two different princesses over the next six years, before ending up as a servant in the company of Helen and Paris as they make their way to Troy. 

S. C838ju
Coville, Bruce. Juliet Dove, Queen of Love. 2003.
Juliet Dove is so shy that whenever anyone pays attention to her she says nasty things to distract their attention. But when she receives a magical amulet from the Magic Shop, she suddenly finds herself the center of more attention than she’d ever imagined in her worst nightmares. To free herself from the spell, she'll have to resolve the problems of Cupid and Psyche and learn to interact with others in a different way.

S. D348f
Deary, Terry. The Fire Thief. 2005.
Retelling of the tale of Prometheus, in which Prometheus becomes a time traveller in order to escape the wrath of the gods and befriends a Victorian orphan. 
     S. D348fl
     Flight of the Fire Thief. 2006.
      S. D348fi
     The Fire Thief Fights Back. 2007.

S. D395i
Deming, Sarah. Iris, Messenger. 2007.
After discovering that the immortals of Greek mythology reside in her hometown of Middleville, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Iris listens to their life stories, gaining wisdom, beauty, and startling revelations about her past. 

S. D843c
Druitt, Tobias. Corydon and the Island of Monsters. 2006.
Perseus is leading an army of heroes to destroy the monsters forever; Medusa, the Minotaur, and the Sphinx have gathered an army of monsters to defend themselves. Corydon, a shepherd boy imprisoned as a "monster" unites the monsters and leads them in fighting for survival and a place to call their own.
     Sequels (Corydon):
     S. D843co
     Corydon & the Fall of Atlantis. 2007.
     S. D843cor
     Corydon and the Siege of Troy. 2009.

S. F182w
Falcone, L. M. Walking with the Dead. 2005.
Alex's dad brings home an ancient Greek corpse for the museum of Oddities and soon Alex and his friend Freddie find themselves on a mission to the underworld to help the corpse and its lost soul.

S. F848me
Franco, Betsy. Metamorphosis: Junior Year. 2009.
High school artist Ovid’s journal recasts his classmates’ lives and loves as modern-day Roman mythology, while slowly revealing his own struggles with parents who need him to be the perfect son in the wake of his meth-addicted sister’s disappearance.

S. F915n
Friesner, Esther. Nobody's Princess. 2007.
Determined to fend for herself in a world where only men have real freedom, headstrong Helen, who will be called queen of Sparta and Helen of Troy one day, learns to fight, hunt, and ride horses while disguised as a boy, and goes on an adventure throughout the Mediterranean world.
     S. F915no
     Nobody's Prize. 2008.

S. F915t
Friesner, Esther. Temping Fate. 2006.
Ilana thinks she's found the perfect job - temping at the same place her older sister used to work! But when she shows up for her first job, she realizes there was a reason her sister never told anyone about her job...

S. G312tr 2001
Geras, Adele. Troy. 2001.
Told from the point of view of the women of Troy, portrays the last weeks of the Trojan War, when women are sick of tending the wounded, men are tired of fighting, and bored gods and goddesses find ways to stir things up. 
     S. G312i
     Ithaka. 2006.

S. H128sn
Halam, Ann. Snakehead. 2008.
Compelled by his father Zeus to accept the evil king Polydectes’s challenge to bring the head of the monstrous Medusa to the Aegean island of Serifos, Perseus, although questioning the gods’ interference in human lives, sets out, accompanied by his beloved Andromeda, a princess with her own harsh destiny to fulfill.

S. H3928p
Hennesy, Carolyn. Pandora Gets Jealous. 2008.
When Pandora (Pandy for short) comes across a simple box said to contain a mystery both terrifying and forbidden, she thinks it will be perfect to bring to school as her class project. However, when the box is accidentally opened all sorts of evils are loosed on the world of men. Brought before Zeus and the other immortals, Pandy must bring back all the evils from the box within a year’s time.
     Sequels (Mythic Misadventures):
     S. H3928pg
     Pandora Gets Vain. 2008.
     S. H3928pa
     Pandora Gets Lazy. 2009.
     S. H3928ph2010
     Pandora Gets Heart. 2010.
     S. H3928pgf
     Pandora Gets Angry. 2011.
     S. H3928pgg
     Pandora Gets Greedy. 2012.
     S. H3928pgf
     Pandora Gets Frightened. 2013.

S. K2231d
Keaton, Kelly. Darkness Becomes Her. 2011.
In post-apocalyptic New Orleans, now a sanctuary for supernatural beings, a hardened teenager on the run searches for the truth about her monstrous heritage and discovers a curse that could ignite the ancient war between gods and monsters. 

S. K576l
Kindl, Patrice. Lost in the Labyrinth. 2002.
Xenodice tries to save her half-brother, the Minotaur, from the Athenian prince. Theseus, aided by Ariadne, Icarus, and Daedalus, spreads tragedy as all become entangled in a web of passion and politics.

S. M352n
Marsh, Katherine. The Night Tourist. 2007.
After fourteen-year-old classics prodigy Jack Perdu has a near fatal accident he meets Euri, a young ghost who introduces him to New York's Underworld, where those who died in New York reside until they are ready to move on, and Jack vows to find his dead mother there. 
     S. M352t
     The Twilight Prisoner. 2009.

S. M229h
McMullan, Kate. Have a Hot Time, Hades! 2002.
Hades tells the true story behind the Greek myths in these tongue-in-cheek chapter books, beginning with Cronus' swallowing his children. The first book in the Myth-o-mania series.

S. M594f
Miles, Elizabeth. Fury. 2011.
After high school junior Emily hooks up with her best friend's boyfriend, and football quarterback Chase's life spirals out of control, three mysterious Furies--paranormal creatures that often assume the form of beautiful women--come to town to make sure that Emily and Chase get what they deserve.
     S. M594e
     Envy. 2012.
     Not available at UIUC
     Eternity. 2013.

S. N162si
Napoli, Donna Jo. Sirena. 1998.
The mermaid Sirena is granted immortality when she rescues and falls in love with a human man; but when he is called to defend Greece in the Trojan War he will have to choose between love and honor.

S. R479p
Riordan, Rick. The Lightning Thief. 2005.
Percy Jackson is just trying to make it through sixth grade without getting expelled – again. But then he discovers his pre-algebra teacher is a monster, his best friend is a satyr, and he is a half-blood, son of a mortal woman and a god. To prevent war and destruction between the gods, Percy must go on a quest to retrieve a powerful magic tool stolen from Zeus.
     Sequels (Percy Jackson and the Olympians):
     S. R479s
     The Sea of Monsters. 2006.
     S. R479t
     The Titan's Curse. 2007.
     S. R479b
     The Battle of the Labyrinth. 2008.
     S. R479l
     The Last Olympian. 2009.

S. R479lo
Riordan, Rick. The Lost Hero. 2010.
Jason, Piper, and Leo, three students from a school for "bad kids," find themselves at Camp Half-Blood, where they learn that they are demigods and begin a quest to free Hera, who has been imprisoned by Mother Earth herself.
     Sequels ( The Heroes of Olympus):
     S. R479so
     The Son of Neptune. 2011.
     813 R4792ma
     The Mark of Athena. 2012.
     813 R4792ho
     The House of Hades. 2013.

S. Sh649p
Shipton, Paul. The Pig Scrolls. 2005.
A translation of an ancient Greek manuscript written by Gryllus, a talking pig who was once a man, which describes the many adventures that he and his companions--a junior prophetess named Sybil and a bumbling goatherd--experience while traveling to Delphi to try to prevent the universe from coming to an end. 
     S. Sh649p
     The Pig Who Saved the World. 2007.

S. Sp469q
Spinner, Stephanie. Quicksilver. 2005.
A novelization of the Greek myths involving Hermes.

S. Ur7s
Ursu, Anne. The Shadow Thieves. 2006.
Thirteen-old Charlotte and her cousin Zee set out to save humanity from the Nightmares, Death, Pain, and a nasty guy named Phil. A humorous look at Hades.
     Sequels (Cronus Chronicles):
     S. Ur7s
     The Siren Song. 2007.
     S. Ur7i
     The Immortal Fire. 2009.

S. W592ra
Whitman, Emily. Radiant Darkness. 2009.
Persephone runs off to the Underworld with Hades, with whom she has fallen in love, but when her mother Demeter threatens to destroy the earth to save her, Persephone finds a way to come back once a year, bringing spring.

Fiction W833f
Wolfson, Jill. Furious. 2013.
After becoming the Furies of Greek mythology, three angry high school girls take revenge on everyone who deserves it. 

Yolen, Jane and Robert J. Harris. Odysseus in the Serpent Maze. 2001.
Thirteen-year-old Odysseus, who longs to be a hero, has many opportunities to prove himself during an adventure which involves pirates and satyrs, a trip to Crete’s Labyrinth, and the two young girls, Penelope and Helen, who play a major role in his future life.
     Sequels (Young Heroes):
     Hippolyta and the Curse of the Amazons. 2002.
     Atalanta and the Arcadian Beast. 2003.
     S. Y78jg
     Jason and the Gorgon's Blood. 2004.

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Norse Mythology

S. Ar57l
Armstrong, K. L. Loki’s Wolves. 2013.
Matt Thorsen is a direct descendent of the order-keeping god Thor, and his classmates Fen and Laurie Brekke are descendents of the trickster god Loki. When Ragnarok--the apocalypse--threatens, the human descendents of the gods must fight monsters to stop the end of the world.

S. B2661c
Barnhouse, Rebecca. The Coming of the Dragon. 2010.
Barnhouse weaves Norse gods, blood feuds, and a terrifying dragon into this spectacular retelling of the end of the Old English poem Beowulf.
     S. B2661p
     Peaceweaver. 2012.

S. C838t
Coville, Bruce. Thor's Wedding Day by Thialfi the Goat Boy. 2005.
The stealing and retrieval of Thor's hammer as told by his goat boy, Thialfi. A humorous look at an episode in Norse mythology.

S. F229s
Farmer, Nancy. The Sea of Trolls. 2004.
Jack, captured by Viking berserkers, goes on a quest to Jotunheim, home of the trolls.
     S. F229l
     The Land of the Silver Apples. 2007.
     S. F229i
     The Islands of the Blessed. 2009.

S. G127o
Gaiman, Neil. Odd and the Frost Giants. 2009.
An unlucky twelve-year-old Norwegian boy named Odd leads the Norse gods Loki, Thor, and Odin in an attempt to outwit evil Frost Giants who have taken over Asgard.

S. G774l
Gratton, Tessa. The Lost Sun. 2013.
In an alternate U.S.A. (the United States of Asgard), Soren Bearskin, the son of an infamous berserker, and Astrid Glyn, daughter of a renowned seer, embark on a road trip to find Baldur, the missing god whose absence has caused panic throughout the country.

S. H2421r
Harris, Joanne. Runemarks. 2008.
Maddy Smith, who bears the mysterious mark of a rune on her hand, learns that she is destined to join the gods of Norse mythology and play a role in the fate of the world.

S. J7123c
Jones, Carrie. Captivate. 2010.
High school junior Zara and her friends continue to try to contain the pixies that threaten their small Maine town, but when a Valkyrie takes Zara’s boyfriend, Nick, to Valhalla, the only way to save him is to trust a pixie king, Astley.

S. J713E1988
Jones, Diana Wynne. Eight Days of Luke. 1975.
A boy’s new friend turns out to be more complicated – and dangerous – than he had imagined when "Luke" is revealed as Loki.

Not Available at UIUC
Lake, A.J. The Coming of Dragons. 2006.
A king’s son and sea captain’s tomboy daughter journey across magical lands and face the Norse god Loki.
     Sequels (The Darkest Age):
     S. L148b
     The Book of the Sword. 2007.
     S. L148c
     The Circle of Stone. 2008.

S. L7626s
Livingston, Lesley. Starling. 2012.
Mason Starling, a champion fencer at Gosforth Academy, finds her school overrun with terrifying creatures after a mysterious, ferocious storm falls on Manhattan and the mysterious stranger who saves her life becomes her only ally as they work together to discover his past and learn of Mason's family's dark allegiance to ancient Norse gods.

Q. S.398.2 L972a
Lunge-Larsen, Lise. The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God. 2007.
Stories of Norse Thunder God Thor, adapted for modern young audiences.

S. P2856v
Paulson, Ingrid. Valkyrie Rising. 2012.
While visiting Norway, sixteen-year-old Ellie must step out of the shadow of her popular older brother, join forces with his infuriating best friend, and embrace her Valkyrie heritage to rescue teen boys kidnapped to join the undead army of the ancient god, Odin. 

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