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Biographical Sources for Russia

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Except for the unique bibliography of biography as a discipline described at the end, this page serves as a hyper-linked outline or table of contents to the biographical resources for Russia contained in this guide. N.B. If sources fall into several categories, they are cross-referenced within the individual pages and not in this outline.

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Guides to Russian Biographical Research Resources

Memoirs/Travel Writing

Russian Memoir Resources

Russian Traveler Resources

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page decorationEncyclopedias for Russia

Guides to Russian Encyclopedias

Russian General Encyclopedias

Subject Encyclopedias for Russia

The Arts




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Cemetery Guides and Necrologies for Russians

Russian Interments

Foreign Interments

Bibliography of Cemetery Guides

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Biographical Dictionaries - Interdisciplinary

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Russian Biographical Dictionaries by Discipline

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Literature

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet History

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Politics

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Music

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Dance, Theater, and Film

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Art

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Academics and Scholars

Biographical Sources for Russian/Soviet Linguistics

Biographical Sources for Religion and Philosophy in Russia

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Russian Archive Guides as Biographical Resources

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Biographical Resources for Victims of War/Repressionpage decoration

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Biographical Resources for Russian/Soviet Judaica

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Biographical Resources for Russian Emigres

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Bibliography of the Study of Biography

Biografika v sisteme nauk o cheloveke: Stanovlenie, etapy razvitiia i mezhdistsiplinarnyi kontekst otechestvennogo biografovedeniia. Ukazatel' literatury.

Belen'kii, I.L. Moskva: RAN, 1999. 219 p.
UIUC Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.947 B411b

This unusual source is a bibliography of works about the various disciplines and issues that comprise the interdisciplinary nature of the study of biography, or biografika, as the Russians call it. Including citations for books, journal and newspaper articles, dissertations and manuscripts, the work is divided into 2 main sections: biografika issues and the interdisciplinary context of those issues. The two sections are further subdivided into more defined categories such as the history of biografika, biographical genres, biography of various professions, genealogical issues and more philosophical topics related to biografika. Although this source will not help you to find biographical information, it may be of interest to those who would like to learn more about biography as a human research endeavor.

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