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Google Scholar's Library Links

Note: If you're using Google Scholar from a library workstation or any other on-campus computer, the UIUC Discover full text links will display automatically without any special configuration.

Google Scholar is a handy tool for searching academic articles from a variety of sources across many disciplines. However, if you're using it from off-campus, you'll often get prompted to pay for the full text of articles. In many cases, these are articles that you can freely access as a University of Illinois affiliate through one of the library's many subscription databases or journals. Happily, you can use Google Scholar'sLibrary Links feature to explicitly identify yourself as a University of Illinois affiliate. This allows you to discover full text library resources directly through Google Scholar results. Here's how:

This is what Google Scholar search results look like when you're off-campus and haven't yet identified yourself as a University of Illinois affiliate:

  Unaffiliated Google scholar search page

To identify yourself as a University of Illinois affiliate, click the Gear Settings Icon at the top of the Google Scholar search screen. You should end up here:

Preferences in Google Scholar


Click Library Links. In the Library Links search box, type university of illinois urbana and click the Magnifying Glass Icon. This should result in a "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Discover UIUC Full Text)" checkbox.

Library Link Page

Make sure this box is checked and click Save.

Now, when you run searches in Google Scholar, you should see a link More below the results. Click on this link to see the Discover UIUC link: Google Scholar results with Discover links

Upon clicking one of these links, the library's Discover service will attempt to find the full text of the article in the library's online collections. You'll see a screen with a blue Discover bar across the top:

Discover Links

Click Go to access the article through one of the library's online journals or databases.

Please note that, even if you don't see a Discover link next to an article, it doesn't mean that we don't have it! The University of Illinois Library has access to tens of thousands of journals online and in print, and not all of them are accessible through Discover. If you need help locating a particular article that you found through Google Scholar, please Ask a Librarian.