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Find Books

The University of Illinois has over 11 million books, all of which are accessible from the online catalog.

  1. To find a book start at the library homepage, and click on the tab "Books."


  1. Type the title of your book and click "Search." You may also type in the name of an author (e.g. Cather, Willa) or keywords. 


  1. The easy search results screen will give you a variety of choices. To go to the University of Illinois books click on the links listed after "University of Illinois VuFind+ Catalog." The easy search has recognized "Where the Red Fern Grows" as a title and is linking us to 7 Title matches. Click on the link "7 Title."

    Sometimes you may want to click on the link for all I-Share libraries in order to request a book that is not in our collection or currently unavailable at the University of Illinois. You may also want to click on our e-book links to see if you can read the title online.

    find books easy search results

  2. Your screen should be white and read "Library Catalog" at the top, this is how you know you are searching books from the University of Illinois. At this point you may have to narrow your search results on the right hand side of the screen. Click on "Book" on the right, if you are sure you want to read the book in print. There might also be a film or video of the same title available. 

    find books catalog results

  3. Click on the title of the book to find out where the book is located. There are many library locations

    find books catalog results book limited

  4. The book we are searching for is available at two different libraries on campus. To check this book out you will need to know the location of the book and the call number of the book. There are many library locationsThe fastest way to get a book on campus is to find the library where your book is located, and check the book out in person. 
  5. You may also request the book from the online catalog in order to have it sent to a specific library for pickup or delivery to your campus office. Login to your VuFind account to request the book and have it sent to the library of your choosing. Please note that the process will take at least 24 hours to pull the book or 2-3 days for campus delivery. 

    found book catalog record

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