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The most current Deck Directory can be found at the entrance to the main stacks.  Please ask for assistance at the circulation desk if you would like help locating material, or if you have any other questions.

Most materials in the stacks are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. Use the information below to locate call numbers and the corresponding decks in the stacks where those numbers are shelved.


Important Locations


Dewey (non-quarto) Call Numbers
001 - 015.72 3 East
015.73 - 189 4 East
190 - 294 6 East
295 - 320 7 East
321 - 362 10 East
363 - 551* Basement West
552 - 623* 2 West - south
624 - 734 2 West - north
735- 851* 3.5 West
852 - 891 5 West
892 - 999 9.5West
*Shifting in Progress


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Dewey Quarto (Q.) Call Numbers

(deck and range given in some cases)

Q.001 - Q.330.991

Shelved with non-quarto materials;
see locations above. 

Quarto material is being reintegrated with Quarto material onto Deck 1 East.   

Q.330.992 - Q.609* 1E*

Q.610 - Q.705 F

2 East

Q.705 G - Q.999

3 East
*Shifting in Progress


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Library of Congress Call Numbers
A -- DS 753 8E
DS 754 -- Z 9E
LC Folio (F.) Materials A-Z 8E D11-E16

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Prefix Locations
A. Bibliographies 4 East
C. College Catalogs 5E E32-E26
F. Dewey Decimal Folios 5 East
DOC. Government documents 5 West, C7-C33
UN. United Nations Documents 5 West, C6-C5

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Other Items
Stacks Reference 5 East, D3 - A19
Illios - U of I Yearbooks 5 East, C17
Great Britain Sessional Papers 5 West, C5-C1
Stacks MicroFiche Basement East via Basement West
U.S. Congressional Hearings 47-2-S E24r to 96-1-S V58vese 5 West, C33-C37
U.S. Serial Set 5 West, D-ranges

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